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Oct 22, 2019, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

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Hey Kubernetes peoples!

As we promised before we have a packed meetup schedule to get us through the rainy months in fall! In just over 2 weeks we have yet another big meetup, this time hosted by ING's Tribe of IT DevOps Platforms and the ING Tech Academy!

This event will be recorded, and you may end up on the videos.

5.30 Doors open, registration
6.00 Welcome with food & drinks provided by ING
6.30 ING Tech Academy intro
6.40 Community announcements
6.45 Talk #1 by Sudesh Jethoe (ING)
7.15 Short break
7.30 Talk #2 by James Munnelly (Jetstack)
8.00 Time for questions and networking
9.00 Closing

Talk #1 - "On the ING Azure cloud container platform" by Sudesh Jethoe
Sudesh will talk about the container platform which he and his team are building in the Azure public cloud and touch on the following subjects:
* Composable Infrastructure, how to utilize composability features in software defined infrastructure and what are its benefits
* Scalable Platforms, although starting a Kubernetes/AKS cluster in Azure is easy, how to keep it under control?
* Observability, investigation and choices with regards to integrating observability features into the platform
* (Demo)

Talk #2 - "From v1alpha1 to v1 - how an operator turns 1.0" by James Munnelly
Kubernetes operators have been written for databases, stateful services, business applications and even core Kubernetes components.
As this new era of operational software evolves, it's essential that common standards are followed in order for the community to thrive and projects to inter-operate with one another.

The cert-manager project, an x509 certificate management tool for Kubernetes, is moving to 1.0. This step is significant, not only because of the work it represents, but the decisions and commitments we have to make in order to be a 'responsible citizen' in the ecosystem.

By the end of this talk, you should understand:

* What stable means in Kubernetes
* What's required of any CRD-configured service to be 'ready for consumption'
* How cert-manager implemented these changes 'in-flight'
* What sort of changes we've had to make in cert-manager
* What's next for our project

Speakers bio's:
Sudesh Jethoe - Cloud Platform Engineer & Chapterlead at ING within the Tribe of IT DevOps Platforms

Sudesh holds a MSc in System and Network Engineering and is currently pursuing an MBA in Big Data and Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is working on the design and implementation of a Service Platform based on Kubernetes and Istio for ING's internal customers. Before working on this project Sudesh designed and developed the new primary monitoring platform for retail services based on Prometheus.

James Munnelly - Solutions Engineer at Jetstack, author of cert-manager
James is a Solutions Engineer at Jetstack, which involves helping customers bend and break Kubernetes to their will.

He helps maintain a number of extensions to Kubernetes, including cert-manager (a Kubernetes native x509 certificates platform), kubernetes-sigs/kind (Kubernetes-in-Docker), Navigator (a DBaaS for Kubernetes), as well as contributing to Prow (the Kubernetes CI system). He mostly works within sig-api-machinery as well as sig-testing.

When not on GitHub, James enjoys cooking interesting recipes!



Tuesday, October 22, 2019
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Alessandro Vozza


    Lead Organizer

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    Lead Architect - Professional Services