Mesh networking on Kubernetes with Istio & Making Helm 2 Secure and Scalable


Nov 8, 2018, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

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Hi Kubernauts,

Get ready for our next K8s MeetUp in Amsterdam. This time we've got three great speakers: Berk Gökden & Alessandro Valcepina from Vamp will talk about "Mesh networking on Kubernetes with Istio" and Rimas Mocevicius from JFrog will present "Making Helm 2 Secure and Scalable".


6:00 pm - Admission & Welcome
7:00 pm - Berk Gökden & Alessandro Valcepina
7:30 pm - Rimas Mocevicius
8:00 pm - Food & Drinks & Networking

Berk Gökden & Alessandro Valcepina, Vamp

"Mesh networking on Kubernetes with Istio"

These last years have seen the rise not only of Container Orchestration Frameworks, but also of a plethora of techniques and tools that integrate with them, enhancing their functionalities and providing more advance features. Among these, a privileged spot certainly goes to Service Meshes.

In this talk we will explore in depth the defining characteristics of a Service Mesh and the benefits it provides to microservices architectures.
We will touch upon such topics as security, monitoring, high availability, scalability and network routing while showcasing how the Service Mesh paradigm can be implemented using Istio on Kubernetes.

We will then discuss the challenges our team faced during the development of Vamp Lamia, our latest Istio based product, and the technical solutions we employed to overcome them, focusing particularly on how Istio resources can be configured to achieve complex and flexible A/B testing solutions.

After this presentation you will have a clearer idea of what a Service Mesh can do for you and your organisation and how to set it up successfully through the use of tools such as Istio.

About Berk:
Berk is the lead developer in He is experienced in distributed systems, cluster management and big data applications. Currently, he is working with Scala and Java for creating awesome micro-services on Kubernetes and Istio.

About Alessandro:
Alessandro is an experienced Java and Scala software developer working for Originally from Italy, he moved to the Netherlands three years ago and has, since, worked on a broad range of projects developing an interest in cluster management systems and distributed applications.


Rimas Mocevicius, JFrog

"Making Helm 2 Secure and Scalable with Rimas Mocevicius"

Rimas will talk about some of the core security issues related to a server-side component "Tiller" in Helm v2.
Hence, in the recent Helm Summit, the community decided to vote for a Tiller-less Helm in v3.
The question to ask is how you can make Helm v2 more secure in the meantime, given that v3 is planned to be released in some time next year.

About Rimas:
Rimas Mocevicius is big Open Source supporter. He Co-founded Helm and wrote the CoreOS Essentials book. Rimas is working at JFrog as a Senior Developer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

See you there!



Thursday, November 8, 2018
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • Alessandro Vozza

    Lead Organizer

  • William Rizzo


    Lead Architect - Professional Services