East Bay Cloud Native - Feb 2019

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Thu, Feb 21, 2019, 6:00 PM (PST)

About this event

Welcome to our sixth 'East Bay Cloud Native' meetup!

6:00: Grab a seat. Have some food and drinks and network.
6:30: Talk 1 - Building BAM! - A Serverless Framework (Jocie Moore)
7:30: Talk 2 - Deploying Containers in Bare Metal (Sampath Santhana)
8:30: More networking until 9:00pm.

Talk 1 Description: BAM! is an open-source, lightweight serverless framework for quickly building and deploying applications with Node.js and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The BAM! framework abstracts away the complexities of working with AWS and enables a developer to deploy an AWS Lambda function connected to an Amazon API Gateway with one command, no configuration, and in at least 55% less time compared to similar frameworks. In her presentation, she will talk about:
- What does "serverless" mean
- What are the challenges of working with AWS
- A case study using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway
- Serverless frameworks that make this interaction simpler
- The features and challenges of designing the BAM! framework

Speaker Bio: Jocie is a Bay Area software engineer and the co-creator of the BAM! serverless framework. She is comfortable working in both the front end and back end of web development and has enjoyed programming in JavaScript and Ruby over the last few years. In her previous role, however, Jocie worked on a Java-based system maintaining the infrastructure of a large digital advertising platform.

Talk 2 Description: Container technology has brought-in new paradigm shift in enabling applications to have agility, speed of deployments and resource optimization. In this talk we will go through how the container orchestration is handled in different underlying infrastructures, use cases for such deployments and pros/cons. We will focus on deploying Kubernetes in bare metals, needs for it and tooling around it. The evolution of microVM technologies will be discussed and how it might be beneficial for bare metal use cases.

Speaker Bio: Sampath Santhana is a Computer Science Engineer and Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Alumni. He is strategic Product Manager at Ericsson for distributed cloud/edge computing products. His interests and hands-on experience are in IP networking, model driven development, distributed systems, cloud native architecture, data center automation through MI/AL and edge computing.

Please RSVP so the food can be ordered accordingly!


Thursday, Feb 21
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (PST)


5805 Owens Dr Pleasanton


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