East Bay Cloud Native - July 2019

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Thu, Jul 18, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Welcome to our ninth 'East Bay Cloud Native' meetup!

6:00: Grab a seat. Have some food and drinks and network.
6:30: Talk 1 - Managing and Securing Containers with Istio (Marek Sadowski)
7:30: Talk 2 - Building A Data Pipeline Framework for the cloud (Jacob)
8:30: More networking until 9:00pm.

Talk 1 Description: When you decide to develop your system with containers, there is the moment when fine-tuning Kubernetes and Load Balancing makes all the difference. This session would explore technics the one can use to optimize infrastructure modernization thru resiliency testing, load balancing, security, and monitoring by bringing Istio as the open source based solution.
In this session you will learn on Istio capabilities in smart load balancing, resiliency testing, policy management, and monitoring.

Speaker Bio: Marek Sadowski is a full stack developer advocate, a robotics startup founder and an entrepreneur. He has about 20 year experience in consulting largest enterprises in USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East and Africa. As a graduate from the International Space University Marek pioneered in a research on VR goggles for the virtual reality system to control robots on Mars in NASA Ames. He founded a startup to deliver robotics solutions and services for industries. Marek moved to Silicon Valley to promote mobile, IoT and robotics solutions driven by AI, Blockchain, and Cloud Native.

Talk 2 Description: Mashr is an open source easy-to-use data pipeline orchestration and monitoring framework for small applications. Mashr simplifies the process of taking your data from disparate sources and putting them into a single place so that you can use that data. It is optimized for data pipeline best practices including monitoring for each step of your data pipeline along with archiving and backup in case of failover. Mashr is built with Node.js, provides an easy-to-use CLI, and uses Docker to host Embulk on GCE Instances on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This presentation will begin by describing some of the best practices for building a data pipeline as well as the challenges that developers face in building their own. Next we’ll talk about some of the existing solutions that solve this problem, and why we built Mashr to address a particular use case unmet by existing solutions. Finally, we’ll discuss the design questions and the unique challenges that came up along the way.

Speaker Bio: Jacob is a full stack software engineer with experience in containerized deployment, data pipelines & cloud platforms. He recently moved from Miami to San Jose, loves engineering and looking for wildlife in the outdoors. http://www.jacobcd.io/


Thursday, Jul 18
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)


5805 Owens Dr Pleasanton


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