Cloud Native and Kubernetes Edinburgh February 2023


Feb 15, 2023, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

We're back for the first CNKEDI meetup of 2023, and once again we're sponsored by Octopus Deploy. A massive thanks to them for making this one possible 🙌

If you want to find out more about their products and services feel free to join their community Slack, or in their words: "Come join over 5,000 members in Octopus Deploy's community. Learn from our CI/CD experts and connect with fellow Octopus users from around the world. There's also lots of free tech swag to win":

Here's the agenda for the night:

6:00pm - Food and drink, courtesy of Octopus Deploy

6:30pm - Self-Driving Delivery into K8s with ArgoCD at Future PLC - Toby Jackson, Global SRE Lead at Future PLC

7:15pm - Break

7:30pm - 3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Cloud Data - Eric D. Schabell, Chronosphere

8:15pm - Wrap up

· Self-Driving Delivery into K8s with ArgoCD at Future PLC (Toby Jackson)

Find out how Future PLC leverages ArgoCD (and some tricks) to let their delivery teams elegantly control their own reliable, consistent and observable deployments into Kubernetes clusters around the world

Toby has been the Global SRE Lead at Future PLC for years, his team provide the platform and reliability needed for a dozen product teams serving millions of active users monthly across almost every cloud vendor you've heard of, and some you've not.

· 3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Cloud Data (Eric D. Schabell)

The daily hype is all around you. From cloud native, multicloud, to hybrid cloud, this is the path to your digital future. The choices you make as a Java developer don’t preclude the daily work of enhancing your customer's experience and agile delivery of your applications. With all this delivery and infrastructure, there is a lot of data generated when engaging with any cloud experience. Regulatory and compliance pressures force us to store audit and observability data. Understanding the pitfalls around the collection, storage, and maintenance of your cloud data can mean the difference between bankruptcy and success with our cloud native strategy. Let us take you on a journey, looking closely at the decisions you are making as a developer delivering and dealing with monitoring your applications. Join us for a power session, where real customer experiences and incidents are used to highlight the three top lessons learned as their developers transitioned their data needs into cloud native environments.

Eric is Chronosphere's Director Evangelism. He's renowned in the development community as a speaker, lecturer, author and baseball expert. His current role allows him to help the world understand the challenges they are facing with cloud native observability. He brings a unique perspective to the stage with a professional life dedicated to sharing his deep expertise of open source technologies and organizations. Follow on



Wednesday, February 15, 2023
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


  • Nick Jones


    Consulting Engineer

  • Matt Jarvis


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Adrian Mouat


    Chief Scientist

  • Danny Abukalam



  • Alex Ouzounis


    Executive Director