KuberTENes Birthday Bash


Jun 5, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

Kubernetes is turning 10! To celebrate this momentous industry and community milestone, please join us in celebrating 10 years of innovation and community, and lend your support as we chart the next great evolution of this fantastic open source project. Come along to hear from legends Rory McCune on the history of Kubernetes Security and David Flanagan with a live Klustered debugging session.

About this event

Tonight we've got an amazing lineup featuring some absolute legends. Oh, and cake.


  • Food, drink and cake sponsored by Nscale
  • Charting the Course: The History and Evolution of Kubernetes Security (Rory McCune, Datadog)
  • Klustered: Debugging Kubernetes Live (David Flanagan)
  • Wrap up, social

· Charting the Course: The History and Evolution of Kubernetes Security (Rory McCune, Datadog)

From the early days of Kubernetes, security has been a topic of interest and an area with plenty of challenges. In this talk we'll take a look at some of the choices that Kubernetes has made, look at some vulnerabilities and exploits, and explore what's changed (and what hasn't!) over the last ten years all the way from the days of the "Kubelet exploit" and Tiller, through the ever evolving path of pod admission controls, to the "something good and current" -- like the fact that service account tokens actually expire now!

About Rory

Rory is a senior advocate for Datadog who has extensive experience with cyber security and Cloud native computing. In addition to his work as a security reviewer and architect on containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker he has presented at Kubecon EU and NA, as well as a number of other cloud native and security conferences.

He is one of the main authors of the CIS benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes, a published author on the topic of Cloud Native Security, and member of Kubernetes SIG-Security SIG-Honk! When he's not working, Rory can generally be found walking and enjoying the scenery of the Scottish highlands.

· Klustered: Debugging Kubernetes Live (David Flanagan)

What do you do when your Kubernetes cluster stops working?

As more teams and organizations adopt Kubernetes, more developers and operators are taking on the responsibility of keeping their clusters happy and healthy. While there's lots of information online for getting started and extending Kubernetes, there's not a lot that focuses on debugging and handling outages; enter Klustered.

In this session, I will live debug some clusters broken by members of the Kubernetes community; showing the methods and techniques to establish which component has a problem, how to determine the root cause, and apply a fix to get the cluster operational.



Wednesday, June 5, 2024
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • Nick Jones


    Consulting Engineer

  • Matt Jarvis


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Adrian Mouat


    Chief Scientist

  • Danny Abukalam



  • Alex Ouzounis


    Executive Director