January 2024


Jan 25, 4:30 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

Moving to Cloud Native v2.0, Empowering teams through Shape Up and Outages related to cloud-native and kubernetes

About this event

Join us for the next event at Recorded Futures brand new office space.


17:30 doors open, food and drinks sponsored by Recorded Future

18:00 Introduction

18:10 Empowering teams through Shape Up with Carl-Johan Kihlbom

short break

18:50 Moving to Cloud Native v2.0 with Mikael Sjöstrand and Simone Sciarrati

short break

19:30 Analysis of publicly known outages related to cloud-native and Kubernetes with Federico Hernandez


Empowering teams through Shape Up with Carl-Johan Kihlbom

Tired of dealing with micro-management, changing priorities, and urgent requests getting in the way of actually shipping meaningful things? The Shape Up methodology aims to adress that by striking a better balance between alignment and autonomy. This talk will go discuss the benefits of Shape Up and how it differs from other agile methodologies, and how we use it at Teamtailor.

Moving to Cloud Native v2.0 with Mikael Sjöstrand and Simone Sciarrati 

Recorded Future has always been "cloud native" but the tools and technologies have evolved rapidly over the past years and we're now on our journey to close the gap. But "one does not simply install Kubernetes" and calls it a day. In this short talk we will present how we are tackling the challenges we are facing both technically and organisationally.

Analysis of publicly known outages related to cloud-native and Kubernetes with Federico Hernandez

Categorization, figures and stats based on published post-mortems. How many outages happened because of bugs, or user errors? In which parts of the stack did the problem occur. And other interesting categorizations.

Getting there

The event will be held on the 5th floor


  • Simone Sciarrati

    Recorded Future

  • Mikael Sjöstrand

    Recorded Future

    Infrastructure Architect

  • Federico Hernandez

    Principal Engineer

  • Carl-Johan Kihlbom


    Senior Product Manager at Teamtailor



Thursday, January 25, 2024
4:30 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • Jessica Andersson

    Leader of Platform Engineering, CNCF Ambassador

  • Peter Rosell


    Event Organizer

  • Edvin Norling


    DevOps Engineer

  • Anders Johansson

    Etraveli Group AB

    Event Organizer

  • John Andreas Erlandsson

    Devies Cloud & Engineering


  • Alexander Lindeskär


  • Mikael Johansson



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