2. CNCF Meetup Graz: August 3. 2022


Aug 3, 2022, 2:30 – 7:00 PM

Hybrid event

Second in-person + online event of the CNCF Graz chapter!

About this event

Hello and welcome everybody to the second event of the CNCF Graz chapter!

This time it's all about getting together and networking.

The host will open the event with a short welcome announcement and administrative points, then we'll have 2 live talks.

Afterwards we will close the event together with an open-end get-together session.

Looking forward to seeing you around :)

Talk #1: Daniel Mellado Area (RedHat) + Germán M. Yebenes (SUSE)

Daniel is a Principal Software Engineer at the Red Hat’s Office of the CTO. He’s been involved in several networking projects, such as Kuryr-Kubernetes (a CNI plugin which enables native Neutron-based networking in Kubernetes), MetalLB and recently he’s been tackling Edge and Telco NFV use cases. He’s been a PTL (Project Team Lead) at some projects in OpenStack, a member of the Kubernetes SIG Group and part of the panel for the Leveraging Containers and OpenStack.

Germán is a Technical Marketing Manager at Suse, he works with BCL – Business Critical Linux solutions. Germán has been in the industry for 15 years serving in a variety of roles, most of them related with infrastructure, containers, management and automation.

An introduction to CNI

This session will cover how Container Network Interface (CNI), which is what Kubernetes uses to enable networking plugins work.

  • How they're called by a container runtime
  • How to configure them
  • How to develop one from scratch
  • How to test and debug them

Talk #2: Bastian Hofmann (SUSE)

I am a Field Engineer at SUSE. There, I'm helping our users and customers to successfully introduce and run containers, Kubernetes and especially Rancher, the leading solution to manage Kubernetes clusters in multiple environments, on premise, in the cloud and at the edge.

Protect against unknown security vulnerabilities

Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy, manage and monitor your cloud native applications. Security can be a challenge in such a dynamic, containerised environment, though. Ensuring that your containers are not containing vulnerabilities is vital throughout the complete supply chain, from development and CI through deployment and admission controls to security at runtime. Furthermore, Kubernetes itself is becoming more and more of a target, making it more important than ever to secure and configure your clusters consistently.

In this talk, you will see how various open-source tools can help you setting and maintaining a secure Kubernetes environment and software supply chain.


  • Daniel Mellado Area


    Principal Software Engineer

  • Bastian Hofmann


  • Germán M. Yebenes


    Technical Marketing Manager



Wednesday, August 3, 2022
2:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


Daniel Mellado Area + German M. Yebenes
Bastian Hofmann
official end and get-together


  • Daniel Drack

    FullStackS GmbH

    Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Daniel Drack

    FullStackS GmbH


  • Michael Klug


  • Sandra Schadenbauer



  • Thomas Schütz



  • Kevin Schmid

    PDi Digital


  • Martin Konrad