Getting Started with Service Meshes

Sat, Aug 28, 2021, 7:00 PM (IST)

A service mesh is a configurable, low‑latency infrastructure layer designed to handle a high volume of network‑based interprocess communication among application infrastructure services using application programming interfaces (APIs).

About this event

Let's Get Started with Service Meshes!

We are having Shivay Lamba with us, giving a talk on Getting Started with Service Meshes, Shivay is a Google Summer of Mentor, MLH Fellow. He is an active community member and former messmate of Layer5 which is a service mesh community and has projects like Meshery incubated in the CNCF Landscape.

Key takeaway's from the event:

1. What are Service Meshes?

2. Why do we need Service Meshes?

3. Different categories of Service Meshes.



  • Ritesh Yadav

    Ritesh Yadav

    Jr. Data Scientist and Cloud Architect

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  • Ritesh Yadav

    Ritesh Yadav

    Jr Data Scientist and Cloud Architect

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  • Shikhar Saxena

    Shikhar Saxena

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