Enabling stateful apps in a multi/hybrid cloud environment


Mar 13, 2019, 5:30 – 8:30 PM

In-person event

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Hi Kubernauts,

our next Meetup will take place on 13th of March with NetApp @FastLane.

6:30pm - Admission
7:00 pm - Sven Mundschenk & Steve Guhr
8:00 pm - Food, drinks & networking


Sven Mundschenk & Steve Guhr, NetApp

"Enabling stateful apps in a multi/hybrid cloud environment"

In this talk we take a look at the challenges of persistent storage of stateful apps. With a dynamic storage provisioner creating of PCs and PVCs can be as easy as pouring beer fresh from tap.
We also focus on the daily operational challenges that come with persistent storage like capacity management and redundancy. Having multiple clusters at different cloud providers or on-premise adds operational complexity. What if you need to migrate your stateful data between these clusters? Or this data is needed in your development environments? All this challenges are solvable today. This talk gives you an introduction how a standardized data management architecture could look like.

This session is not just talking: We deploy a multi-cloud environment with K8s clusters at different hyperscalers from scratch including some demo stateful apps. And we will demo as much as possible including the above mentioned use cases.


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC


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