Kick-Off ContainerDays 2017 with CoreOS


Jun 19, 2017, 4:30 – 7:30 PM

In-person event

About this event

Moin Kubernauts,

On June 20 & 21, Hamburg hosts the second edition of ContainerDays. Another two days of craziness around containers, microservices and Co. We want to kick-off #CDS17 together with you.

For this special occassion, we have two exciting talks and Sergiusz Urbaniak, Alex Somesan and Max Inden from CoreOS with us.


6:30 pm: Admission (Obviously you do not need a ContainerDays ticket for that but we do hope to see you there;-)

7:00 pm: Kubernetes +  + Self-Driving + Operators + Terraform = Tectonic, Sergiusz Urbaniak and Alex Somesan

7:30 pm: End-to-end monitoring with the Prometheus Operator, Max Inden

8:00 pm: Time to snack und Zeit zum Schnacken

Find below more details on our speakers and their talks! Looking forward to see you in June!

Talk #1: Kubernetes +  + Self-Driving + Operators + Terraform = Tectonic

This talk describes the deployment and operations approach by Tectonic, a Kubernetes Enterprise distribution by CoreOS.

Deploying Kubernetes on different environments can be quite challenging.

A lot of tools exist which try to make your live easier but if you have dedicated requirements in your environment, they often are too opinionated and leave the customized deployment as an exercise to the reader.

The new Tectonic installer is based on Terraform which deploys a self-driving Kubernetes experience backed by Operators.

While providing an user-friendly experience using the Tectonic UI installer you can leverage Terraform's flexibility to adapt to your environment or even have a multi-provider deployment, where you deploy a federated Kubernetes setup with one cluster on AWS and the other one on Azure, or bare metal.

This talk will show how we use Terraform to deploy Tectonic and our approach to modularization.

Finally we show the self-driving nature of Tectonic using operators, namely the etcd-Operator, and the Update Operator infrastructure.

About Alex: Alex is a Software engineer at CoreOS. Previously at AWS. Working on making operations reliable, easy and boring. Major crush on Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. I like building things, software or otherwise. I craft my own bicycles.

About Sergiusz: Sergiusz is a Software engineer at CoreOS. Previously at Mesosphere and eBay, he works on all things Kubernetes, the Tectonic installer, contributing to upstream Kubernetes, and also being a rkt maintainer. He is enthusiastic about modern infrastructure software while still enjoying minimalistic networking techniques like morse code.

Talk #2: End-to-end monitoring with the Prometheus Operator

Kubernetes is a powerful system to build and operate a modern cloud-native infrastructure. Monitoring with Prometheus ensures that Kubernetes stays healthy. Prometheus is a stateful application, so operating it in a cloud native environment can be a challenging task. The Prometheus Operator makes running highly available Prometheus clusters, and even an entire end to end monitoring pipeline, easily manageable. Max will explain the functionality of the Prometheus Operator and describe a desirable end-to-end monitoring stack, including alerts and dashboards.

About Max: Max is a test engineer at CoreOS, hacking on Prometheus and its integration with the Kubernetes ecosystem. Previously a front-end engineer working on ReactJS integrations and UI component testing, he decided to stop suppressing his interest for distributed systems at scale and joined CoreOS. Now he implements new testing infrastructures and development automations to support the Prometheus project.



Monday, June 19, 2017
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM UTC


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