Runnings mixed workloads on K8s & deployments with Helm

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Thu, Mar 8, 2018, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

Moin Kubernauts,

the next meetup is just aound the corner. our friends from ePages are one once again hosting the whole thing - a big thank you to Dirk. This time we are going to have two talks: one on Kubernetes deployment with Helm and the other one on running mixed workloads on Kubernetes. 18:30 : Doors open
19:00 : Dirk - Kubernetes deployment with Helm
19:30 : Univa - Runnings mixed workloads on Kubernetes
20:00 : Pizza


Abstracts: 1st Talk:
Kubernetes deployments with Helm
Kubernetes manifests are nice, declarative desciptions of things to deploy,
but managing them manually is sometimes painful, e.g. when you use different
environments that need individual overrides.
Learn from the the pains we have been through and get an introduction into
Helm, the Kubernetes package manager, and some helpful practices for writing

2nd Talk:
Running Mixed Workloads on Kubernetes
While Kubernetes is a popular framework for managing containerized workloads, most users run diverse applications. Examples include Big Data applications, High-Performance Computing (HPC) & Analytic workloads, and other traditional non-containerized workloads. The need to support multiple applications and frameworks can result in added cost, complexity, and replicated infrastructure as organizations struggle to manage multiple, siloed environments.
In this session, Univa will discuss new approaches to running mixed workloads on Kubernetes including the Universal Resource Broker; a Univa sponsored open-source project that allows any Mesos compatible framework including (including Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Jenkins, Marathon, and Chronos) to run along-side native Kubernetes services on a shared Kubernetes cluster. The session will include a demonstration of the freely available technology, a discussion of customer success stories, and a roadmap for mixed Kubernetes workloads. Univa will also discuss alternative approaches to running non-containerized workloads on Kubernetes.


Thursday, Mar 8
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (CET)


ePages GmbH
Holstenwall 5 20355 Hamburg