New Shores in Cloud Native: WASM and Green Software


Jun 1, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Moin Moin!

and watch out, new shores! The WASM bay and the green software island are ahead of us! We are excited to host the next Cloud Native Hamburg in person meetup on the first of June. This is a vendor-neutral meetup supported by the CNCF community.


  • Starter: Welcome back, who we are, and how are you?
  • 1st Course (30-45m): A glimpse into the future: using WebAssembly in a Kubernetes ruled world by Christoph Voigt
  • 2nd Course (30m): KEDA to save money and the environment by Luis Schweigard
  • Dessert: Cloud Native Newsflash

The friendly people of MaibornWolff will host us and sponsor beverages and pizza. We will have enough time to socialize.

We hope to see you all in attendance!

Main Course Ingredients:

A glimpse into the future: using WebAssembly in a Kubernetes ruled world

In this talk Christoph will show the possibilities of using WebAssembly in a Kubernetes-based environment today. He will not only explain what WebAssembly is and why you would want to run it on Kubernetes, but also showcasing some demos.

KEDA to save money and the environment

Cloud native technology often uses highly replicated deployments and scaling to ensure reliability and performance, but this can be costly and environmentally harmful. KEDA is a technology that dynamically scales workloads based on events, allowing for proper handling of high loads while reducing costs and environmental impact. This talk will showcase a real-world use case and the process of integrating KEDA into an existing system, featuring an overview of KEDA's feature set and a small demo.

Cloud Native Newsflash

Whats going on in the OSS CNCF world around Kubernetes? Niklas will give you a short update about the latest and greatest developments.

Get in touch with us by messaging the group on the CNCF Slack in the #cloud-native-hamburg channel or talk to one of the organizers in person


We are looking for speakers & sponsors!. Join the #cloud-native-hamburg channel on CNCF Slack to reach out to us!


  • Christoph Voigt

    Liquid Reply GmbH

    Associate Partner

  • Luis Schweigard

    MaibornWolff GmbH

    Junior Software Engineer



Thursday, June 1, 2023
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


5:00 PMA warm welcome!
5:20 PMA glimpse into the future: using WebAssembly in a Kubernetes ruled world
6:00 PMFood and Drinks
6:30 PMKEDA to save money and the environment
7:00 PMCloud Native Newsflash


  • Leonard Vincent Simon Pahlke

    Liquid Reply


  • Alexander Stielau


  • Christian Bargmann


  • Christian Hüning

    BWI GmbH


  • Niklas Voss


  • Mirabella Fernandez

    Loovent UG

    Head of Events


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