Building Cloud Native Apps on Azure Part 02 [Docker ACI Experience]


Nov 5, 2020, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

This is a part 2 on our series on Building Cloud Native Apps on Azure. In our previous lab we explore how to manage/deploy container to azure using azure app service  after the initial setup of building a docker image locally and finally pushes to azure container registry inside an azure we also see how to create a webhook inside a azure app service for devops work flow. Every time you push a new image to a azure container registry, azure app service detect that and deploy the new version of your app made that available to end user with so little stress for you, that's insanely cool and insanely powerful with azure. But this labs pre-requisite are you have to know the azure constructs very well plus you have some familiarity with containers. That's a challenge dev/ops people facing in production a lot. Because Azure/Containers have a steep learning curve and quiet a scary thing to adapt for a lot of beginners/intermediate dev/ops engineers. Wouldn't it be nice if I just know how to build the images and run the containers locally with docker and  let the docker deploy it for me in the azure. Yes you can how we are exploring that in glory details in our upcoming session happening on this Thursday. Mark your calendar.  

From Straight Docker to Azure 

Grabbing the core concept of Azure and Containers ?

Understanding Azure Container Instances ?

Understanding the essence of microservices and cloud native apps ?

Understanding the pre-requisite to follow along with the session  ?

Setting up the lab environment ? 

Running the Python app locally using node ?

Deploying the demo app to azure using just and just Docker CLI ?

What to next with docker and azure ?  Setting up primer on Azure Kubernetes Service Workshop  ?

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  • Saim Safdar

    Community Speaker at Cloud Native Islamabad

    DevOps Engineer


  • Sohail Ahmed


    Cloud Native Islamabad Event Lead | Senior Software Engineer



Thursday, November 5, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


Kick off
Intro to Docker & Azure
Intro to Azure Container Instances
Running Python/Node app locally
Q & A


  • Saim Safder

    Co-Founder Cloud Native Islamabad