Running Docker and Kubernetes Clusters on WSL "The Interop Way"


Jan 9, 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Virtual event

K8s has been originally designed to be deployed and used in the Linux environments. However, a good number of users (and not only application developers) use Windows OS as their daily driver. When Microsoft revealed WSL, the line between Windows and Linux environments became even less visible. In this session you'll learn What/Why/When/How/Do/Dont's of WSL for docker containers and for k8s.

About this event

Ever since WSL (Windows Subsystem of Linux) become a think!!! whole docker and k8s community are confused about WSL and its intend.

Rightfully so you're in good place this session helps you clarify some of those answers with WSL in action

  • What are prerequisite knowledge/steps I need to understand before jumping into WSL?
  • How to use containers on Windows WSL.
  • What are the best use cases we prefer WSL our other solutions for Running docker and k8s clusters.
  • Do WSL is a good fit for running k3s or k0s base clusters on my laptop/PC.
  • Does this is mandatory for me to have a knowledge of Linux if I'm running my containers on WSL?
  • I'm a developer primarily my job is to build apps that runs on Windows, but ever since containers becomes a think everybody want to build their Infra on top of k8s, but containers came out of Linux world and I don't have this knowledge but I want to be successful with k8s and other orchestration technologies how do WSL helps me in that with zero/little effort?  Without having the mandatory knowledge of Linux?
  • I need to run docker and k8s clusters with much little CPU and memory usage. How do WSL help me with that?
  • I want to get rid off managing VM in my machine. Do WSL is the solution for that? 
  • What are the best thinks I can get If I run my docker containers on WSL?
  • What are caveats for running containers on WSL?
  • Draw some pointers where I go next and learn more about WSL and its future?

Pro tip: If you want to learn WSL just search NUNO over the internet you'll ever close to WSL.

THANKS: WSL Corsair for sharing his knowledge.




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Saturday, January 9, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM UTC


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