ITIL & DevOps With Bossk


Jul 18, 2021, 11:15 AM – 12:45 PM

Virtual event

Welcome to July Meetup where we have interesting topic: ITIL and DevOps. Presenter for this session is also well renowned in our community. He is none other than Christian (bossk) Holle. He used to stay here at Lalitpur prior to pandemic and has been in most of our meetups along with helping our community grow.

About this event

Bossk is engaged as Director Technical Operations, Head of Customer Service and Support. In this interesting event, he will give an introduction into ITIL, a little bit of its history and then talk about how to integrate ITIL and DevOps.

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ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) has been developed in the 80s in England as a guide for best-practices for IT Service Management and it has become throughout the years the standard in this sector. Co-operations throughout the world have adapted to this standard and setup processes according to the "ITIL Standard". The system has gone through several iterations to adapt to the constant changes and challenges within the world of IT. Agile and lean methods have challenged this strict process oriented approach and ITIL tries to adapt to with it’s latest release ITIL v4.

The question is now how to combine ITIL (best) practices with DevOps?


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