Kubernetes Community Days Africa [Virtual]

KCD Nigeria

Apr 29, 2021, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Virtual event

Kubernetes Community Days Africa is the inaugural Cloud Native Event in Africa covering Kubernetes, Prometheus, CoreDNS, Vitess, and other technologies. The event is sponsored by the CNCF.

About this event

The Cloud Native ecosystem is gaining popularity in the continent of Africa and there has been a surge in talents focusing on DevSecOps, Containers, Cloud computing and Kubernetes. There is however little to no community to support these talents, leading to many aiming to attend conferences like KubeCon, a huge number of whom are always seeking limited scholarship opportunities to these events. The Kubernetes Community Days Africa (Virtual) is a premier event designed to spur interest in DevSecOps and the cloud-native ecosystem, while showcasing people and enterprises already invested in those technologies in Africa.

This is a VIRTUAL event!


  • Kickstart efforts towards the creation of local Cloud Native communities across Africa
  • Showcase the awesome talents & use cases of technologies in Africa
  • Enable access to opportunities for learning and scholarship
  • Spur interest in open source contributions to CNCF and other projects
  • Create a talent source for companies looking to fill relevant roles

Internet Data Sponsorhip

We will be providing internet data sponsorship to participants on a need basis, if you will like to be considered please fill the request form.

Pre-Event Activities

Twitter Spaces Conversation: How to get started in DevOps

April 19, 2021 - 7 PM WAT

Follow @sarki247 and @Samson_Goddy for more info.


Introduction to Grafana by Grafana Labs

April 28th, 2021 - Time: 3pm WAT

Event Details

KCD Africa is a 1-day event with 2 tracks, enterprise and community. The Enterprise track will be hosting speakers with vast experience using cloud-native technologies, they will be sharing use-cases, lessons learnt and tips. The Community track will host community leaders from the Kubernetes core team, CNCF and other leaders within our community sharing tips on how to get started and build a career in the cloud-native industry, while contributing back to the community.

Call for Speakers

We are looking for speakers, largely from the continent of Africa or African's in the diaspora. Visit the CFP page to submit.


The CNCF has been generous to most of the heavy lifting in making this event possible, but we want to ensure a pleasant and fulfilling experience for our attendees. We are planning to provide stipends and sponsorships to make sure we can get as many participants as possible to benefit. We want to achieve the following:

Kindly visit our OpenCollective page to learn more about sponsorship.


  • Priyanka Sharma


    General Manager

  • Ihor Dvoretskyi

    Cloud Native Computing Foundation

    Developer Advocate

  • Edidiong Asikpo

    Ambassador Labs

    Developer Advocate

  • Brendan O'Leary


    Senior Developer Evangelist

  • Richard Hartmann

    Grafana Labs

    Director of Community

  • Uchechukwu Obasi

    Software Engineer

  • Olubusayo Amowe

    Software Engineer

  • Emmanuel Oloko

    Chi Square Analytics

    Director - DevOps & Cloud

  • Matt Jarvis


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Somtochi Amauche Onyekwere


    Developer Experience Engineer

  • Prithvi Raj


    Community Manager

  • Sayan Mondal


    Senior Software Engineer

  • Kamile Potrec


    Software Engineer

  • Shedrack Akintayo


    Community Manager

  • Ndubuisi Onyemenam

    Patricia Technologies

    Software Engineer



    Senior Customer Engineer

  • Mmadu Manasseh

    Deimos Cloud

    Software Engineer

  • Rafael Natali

    Marionete Consulting

    DevOps Engineer

  • AbdulBasit Kabir


    DevOps Engineer

  • Bakare Emmanuel

    DevOps Engineer

  • Alkin Tezuysal

    ChistaDATA Inc.

    EVP - Global Services

  • Moshe Immerman


    Chief Kubernetes Officer

  • Lucas Käldström

    CNCF Ambassador

  • Ruslan Gibaiev


    Data Architect

  • Vasant Chinnipilli

    Security Architect

    Security Architect

  • Mario Kleinsasser


    Team Leader, Cloud Solution Architect