KCD Los Angeles 2024

KCD Los Angeles

Mar 14, 2024, 4:00 PM – Mar 16, 2024, 2:00 AM

In-person event

Join us at SoCalLinuxExpo 2024 for Kubernetes Community Day!

About this event

Kubernetes Community Day, Los Angeles, 2024

Welcome to the second KCD-LA!  Our event is hosted by Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), a 21-year-old nonprofit software conference held in sunny Pasadena, CA every March.  We are co-hosted directly next to DevOpsDays LA.

KCD-LA consists of two days and two tracks of presentations and workshops on the Thursday and Friday before SCALE begins.  KCD-LA continues the very successful ContainerDay LA events that ran from 2017 to 2021.

KCD-LA will take place from March 14 to March 15, 2024


Registration is through the SCALE website.  Your registration for SCALE includes KCD-LA.

RSVPs on this event here are welcome as an indication of interest, but will not get you into KCD-LA.

Call for Presentations

The CfP for KCD-LA is now open.  Our CfP goes through the SCALE system.  Choose "KCD-LA" as the Track you are submitting to (but see below).

Submissions are due by November 1, 2023.

Because we want first-time speakers, we can also help you craft your presentation and proposal.  Join us on October 6th, 2023 (12pm PDT) for a Q&A session around developing your talk and proposal. 

We are interested in talks about any and all Cloud Native technologies.  This includes, but is in no way limited to:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker, CRI-O, and Containerd
  • Microservice or migration case studies
  • Containerized application development
  • Service mesh
  • Serverless tech
  • Container security
  • Cloud native storage and networking
  • Contributing to Cloud Native projects
  • WASM

We are accepting proposals for 50min presentations, lightning talks, and 1.5 hour to 3 hour workshops.

We are particularly interested in introductory talks, case studies by end users, new solutions, new projects, and fun hacks.  All presentations must involve open source cloud native technology in some way, and focus on understanding the technology, process, or concepts involved rather than commercial products.

New presenters are encouraged to apply.  KCD-LA is committed to offering a diverse speaker lineup. Some coaching for first-time speakers will be available.

DataOnKubernetes and Cloud Native Tracks

This year, we are sharing part of KCD-LA with the Data On Kubernetes community.  If your talk involves databases or storage on Kubernetes, you may submit it to either the DoK track or KCD-LA, and we will swap around talks in a way that makes sense.  Your talk will not be lost because you picked the wrong track.

You will also see a Cloud Native Track when you submit your talk.  KCD-LA takes place on Thursday and Friday. SCALE also hosts one track of Cloud Native/Container talks over the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday.  So if you are only available on the weekend, submit in the Cloud Native track.  Don't worry, though!  If we want your talk on a different day, we'll contact you about schedule/track swapping.


KCD-LA is hosted by Southern California Linux Expo, and as such they handle our sponsorships and expenses.  If you are interested in talking about sponsorship opportunities, or just want to receive the prospectus, please email sponsorships.

Social Event

We are planning to host a social event this year, in combination with Kubernetes LA meetup.  More details will be posted here as we have them.


As with all CNCF community events, KCD-LA is subject to the CNCF Code of Conduct, in addition to the SCALE Code of Conduct. Should you witness behavior that is a violation of this code of conduct, please bring it to one of the Program Committee immediately.


The Southern California Linux Expo (“SCALE”) is sponsored by the Linux Expo of Southern California Inc a 501c3 non-profit, and is volunteer organized.

SCALE's mission is to provide educational opportunities on the topic of Open Source software. Open Source software is any software that meets the litmus test of the OSI (Open Source Initiative). Examples of OSS are GNU/Linux and the various BSD operating systems, and applications such as LibreOffice and Firefox.


  • Josh Berkus

    Kubernetes Community Manager at Red Hat

  • Steven Wong


    Open Source Software Engineer at VMware

  • Savitha Raghunathan

    Red Hat

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Faisal Afzal


    Solutions Architect at nClouds

  • Justin Garrison