KCD Los Angeles at SCALE 20X

Pasadena Convention Center - 300 E Green St Pasadena, 91101 KCD Los Angeles
Mar 9 - 10, 2023, 3:12 PM (PST)

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About this event

SCALE 20X is proud to host Los Angeles' inaugural 2-day KCD on the Thursday and Friday of the event.  Please join us there!

Having long hosted Cloud Native, Kubernetes and container talks, this year SCALE is also hosting the first-ever Kubernetes Community Day in the Los Angeles area.  We plan to have workshops, talks, and lightning talks covering everything Cloud Native.  This will include Kubernetes, Docker, serverless, CI/CD, container security, scaling clouds, operators, Istio, gRPC, Etcd, cgroups, Prometheus, ArgoCD, Kubevirt, WASM, serverless, containerized desktops and much more.

KCD-LA will consist of one day of workshops (including 2-3 workshops) followed by one single-track day of regular sessions.

Registration and Travel

Registration for SCALE 20x is now open on the SCALE website.  Your registration to SCALE includes KCD-LA.

See the SCALE page for more information about the venue, the Pasadena Convention Center.

Submitting Talk Proposals

The CfP is now closed.  If you need to ask a question about a proposal you submitted, or intended to submit, contact the organizers.

Talks and Lightning Talks: we are looking for six talks and five lightning talks.  Regular talks are 50 minutes long, giving you plenty of time for demos and in-depth discussion.  Lightning talks are 5 minutes long.  Topics should cover public, open source cloud native, container, and new cloud stack technologies, and should not focus on commercial products.  We seek talks from project maintainers, contributors, implementors, and end-users equally; detailed case studies are particularly valuable. 

Workshops: We are seeking two or three 3-hour workshops covering core topics of cloud native technology that are suitable for an inexperienced audience.  Workshops in the past we have hosted include introductions to Docker and Kubernetes, basic container security, and a survey of CI/CD tooling.  Hands-on workshops are greatly preferred.  Audiences at SCALE are moderately large, so ideally workshop presenters should have one or two assistants to help.

KCD-LA will happen on Thursday March 9 and Friday March 10  Following this, SCALE's main Saturday-Sunday track will include many cloud talks, and our organizers may ask you if your would be open to speaking on the weekend if it works better for the schedule.

KCD-LA is committed to having a diverse speaker lineup, including speakers of all genders, ethnicities, and ability status.  Contact our organizers in the #kcd-losangeles channel on CNCF slack if you want feedback or assistance on preparing your talk proposal.


KCD-LA is financially supported by Linux Expo of Southern California.  As such, please contact them about sponsorship opportunities.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an after-party event for KCD-LA, please contact Josh Berkus.

Program Committee

The current Program Committee consists of three long-time Kubernetes contributors from the West Coast:

  • Guinevere Saenger, Software Engineer, Pulumi, from Seattle
  • Josh Berkus, Kubernetes Community Manager, Red Hat, from Portland
  • Steve Wong, Software Engineer, VMware, from Los Angeles
  • Justin Garrison, DevRel, AWS, from Los Angeles
  • Savitha Raghunathan, Software Engineer, Red Hat, from Boston

Are you a cloud native contributor or user from Southern California?  Would you be interested in being on the KCD-LA program committee?  If so, please contact Josh Berkus.


The Southern California Linux Expo (“SCALE”) is sponsored by the Linux Expo of Southern California Inc a 501c3 non-profit, and is volunteer organized.

SCALE's mission is to provide educational opportunities on the topic of Open Source software. Open Source software is any software that meets the litmus test of the OSI (Open Source Initiative). Examples of OSS are GNU/Linux and the various BSD operating systems, and applications such as LibreOffice and Firefox.


Pasadena Convention Center
300 E Green St Pasadena91101


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    Josh Berkus

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  • Josh Berkus

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