KCD Texas 2024 | Austin

KCD Texas

Apr 12, 1:00 PM – Apr 13, 1:00 AM

In-person event

About this event

KCD Texas is an event organized by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) volunteers to help unite the Kubernetes community in Texas for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

We will offer hands-on workshops and interactive sessions where attendees can gain practical experience by working on Kubernetes-related projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. This allows participants to depend on their understanding of Kubernetes concepts and gain confidence in implementing them in their environments.

KCD Texas will be hosted along with Texas Linux Festival 2024 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin. Texas Linux Fest is a state-wide annual community-run conference for Linux and open source software users and enthusiasts. Whether you use free software and Linux at home, in your place of business, in your school or non-profit, or you are simply curious, Texas Linux Fest offers something for you.

As the Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) Texas event approaches on April 12 in Austin, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture, seeking community support to bring this transformative gathering to life. Our mission is clear: democratizing access to cloud-native knowledge, fostering innovation and building a supportive network for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With over 400 participants already registered, the anticipation is palpable, yet our goal to make this event as inclusive and impactful as possible remains within reach with your help.

Why do we need community support? KCD Texas's essence lies in its foundation as a community-driven event designed to spark collaboration, learning, and networking in an open, inclusive environment. This is not just another industry conference; it's a grassroots effort to bolster the cloud-native ecosystem at a local and global level. However, we rely on the generosity and vision of sponsors, donors, and contributors who share our passion for technological empowerment and community development to achieve this.

How can you contribute? We are opening our doors to last-minute sponsors and donors who wish to make a meaningful impact. Whether you're a tech giant, a local startup, or an individual passionate about cloud-native technologies, there's a space for you to contribute. Your support can take various forms:

Sponsorship: Align your brand with innovation and community spirit. Last-minute sponsorship opportunities offer visibility and engagement with a passionate audience, showcasing your commitment to fostering the cloud-native landscape.

Donations: Every contribution counts. Donations go directly towards enhancing the event experience, from covering venue costs to providing quality programming and speakers.

Ticket Sponsoring: Help us ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation. By sponsoring tickets, you enable students, underrepresented groups, and individuals from various backgrounds to attend, learn, and grow.

Door Prizes and More: Contribute door prizes to make the event even more memorable for attendees. This is a fantastic way to engage with the community and remind attendees of your support for the cloud-native ecosystem.

Share our mission: Help us make a bigger impact with KCD Texas! Spread the word in your circles and let's bring more opportunities to our community. Your share can open doors for many. Let's grow this movement!

Your support as we make the final push towards KCD Texas is not just a contribution to an event; it's an investment in the future of technology and community development. Together, we can make KCD Texas a landmark event that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the boundless potential of cloud-native technologies. 

Join us in this endeavor—let's make history together.

Find the sponsorship prospectus pricing for Texas Linux Festival 2024 here.

You can purchase tickets to KCD Texas through the Texas Linux Fest website. Your registration for Texas Linux Fest includes KCD Texas.

Participate in the sponsoring tickets here.

KCD Texas is hosted by Texas Linux Fest; therefore, they will handle all sponsorships and expenses. Find the sponsorship prospectus pricing for Texas Linux Festival 2024 here. If you have any further questions about sponsorship, please contact info@texaslinuxfest.org.

As with all CNCF community events, KCD Texas is subject to the CNCF Code of Conduct, in addition to the Texas Linux Fest Code of Conduct. Should you witness behavior that is a violation of this code of conduct, please bring it to one of the organizing committee members immediately.


  • Matt Butcher



  • Chris Aniszczyk



  • Bob Walker

    Octopus Deploy

    Field CTO

  • Jamie Parker

    Red Hat

    Product Manager

  • Steven Borelli


    Principal Solutions Architect

  • Shane Utt


    Staff Software Engineer

  • Wavell Watson

    Vulk Cooperative


  • Angel Ramirez


    CEO at Cuemby | Founder at FHCN | CNCF Ambassador

  • Rafa Brito


    Staff Engineer

  • Mark Lavi

    Kasten By Veeam

    Sr. Cloud Product Manager

  • Satheesh Mohandass

    Veeam Kasten

    Solutions Architect

  • Karen Chu


    Head of Community

  • Rajeshkumar Sampathrajan

  • Joonas Bergius


    Senior Engineer

  • Andrew Martin


    Founder & CEO

  • AJ Jester


    Developer Evangelist

  • Natalie Lunbeck


    DevRel Engineer at Shipyard

  • Terence Lee


    Build & Languages Architect

  • Alan Conway


    Senior Engineer

  • William Morgan





April 12 – 13, 2024
1:00 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


  • Emily Gupton

    Austin Women in Technology

  • Sarah Williams

    Austin Women in Technology


  • Chad Crowell


    2023 CNCF Ambassador

  • Chris Aniszczyk

    Linux Foundation (CNCF)