Keptn Online User Group Meeting: Observability with Keptn

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Feb 21, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Virtual event

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Keptn Online User Group Session: Observability with Keptn
Date: February 21, 2024
Time: 7am PT / 8am CT / 10am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET

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Keptn provides sophisticated observability features that enhance your existing cloud-native deployment environment. These features are useful whether or not you use a GitOps strategy. In this session, Ondrej Dubaj, Software Engineer at Dynatrace and Keptn Maintainer, gives you an overview of Keptn Observability, what it is and why you would want it, what & why DORA metrics out-of-the-box with Keptn is important. Then he'll walk you through, step-by-step how to to install Keptn on your Kubernetes cluster, annotate a namespace and deployment to enable Keptn, install Grafana & Observability tooling to view DORA metrics & OpenTelemetry traces by walking through our Getting Started with Keptn Observability Guide.

- Keptn Website & Docs:
- Keptn on Github:
- Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Github repo:
- Keptn Observability Getting Started Guide:
- CNCF Slack ( #keptn channel ( If you're not already part of the CNCF slack, you can invite yourself here:

Ondrej is a Software Engineer at Dynatrace and a core maintainer of Keptn. He is always eager to dive into new technologies, especially in the context of cloud native applications, Kubernetes and Golang. Before starting his role at Dynatrace, Ondrej did his master’s degree in computer science at Brno University of Technology and worked as a Software Engineer in the area of Linux application maintenance and testing. In his free time you will definitely find him cycling in the mountains nearby Klagenfurt.


  • Ondrej Dubaj


    Software Engineer


  • Andreas Grabner


    Keptn Advocate & Maintainer

  • Giulia Di Pietro


    Content & Community Manager

  • Alois Reitbauer

    Keptn Maintainer

  • Johannes Bräuer


    Keptn Maintainer

  • Giovanni Liva


    Keptn Maintainer

  • Meg McRoberts


    Keptn Docs WG, Dynatrace

  • Brad McCoy

    Kubernetes 1.28 Comms Lead

    CNCF Ambassador

  • David Hirsch


    OSPO Program Manage

  • Stacey Potter


    Community manager

  • Moritz Wiesinger

    Senior Software Engineer & Agile Advocate