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EPAM Systems - Bókay János u. 44 Budapest - View Map Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing, Budapest
Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 6:30 PM (CET)

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Introduction into Kubernetes operators - Marton Sereg, Banzai Cloud

Operators are automated software managers for Kubernetes applications. They follow the Kubernetes control loop principle to manage the application's lifecycle. This talk will focus on the main concepts behind operators: CRDs and controllers. We'll also do a high level overview of the tools that help you write an operator, like Kubebuilder and the underlying controller-runtime.

Kubernetes operator tooling - Peter Wilcsinszky, Banzai Cloud

Kubernetes Operators are core to Banzai Cloud products (we write lots of them). We have already open sourced the Objectmatcher library (https://banzaicloud.com/blog/k8s-objectmatcher/) and a few other handy tools to help saving you time to kick off writing operators. Let's take a look at these tools in a nutshell to understand how do they speed up development on top of controller-runtime, the de-facto standard library for operator frameworks.

Introducing KUDO, Kubernetes Operators made easy - Nick Jones, D2iQ

Kubernetes Operators are the next phase of the journey towards automating complex applications in containers. Many Operators that exist today handle initial deployment, but they don’t provide automation for tasks like binary upgrades, configuration updates, and failure recovery. Implementing a production-grade controller for a complex workload typically requires thousands of lines of code and many months of development. As a result, the quality of operators that are available today varies. The goal of KUDO is to help solve some of these problems by providing a comprehensive toolkit for building Kubernetes operators declaratively using YAML, with a focus on distributed stateful applications. In this talk I’ll introduce the KUDO project, and demo a couple of KUDO Operators.


Thursday, Feb 20
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CET)


EPAM Systems
Bókay János u. 44 Budapest