Multiple ways of building hybrid clouds on Kubernetes

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing, Budapest
Tue, Jun 2, 2020, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

There has been a lot of talk about hybrid-clouds over the years. We think that beneath the buzzwords lie some very important use-cases driven by the needs of enterprises and SaaS providers. However, delivering and operating hybrid-clouds and creating a seamless operational experience has been too complex for most organizations. This is - in part - due to the observation that there can be different hybrid-techniques that are best for different needs.

In today's meetup we present 4 different approaches to building hybrid clouds on Kubernetes:

- Cluster groups, poor's man multi/hybrid cloud
- Kubernetes Federation v2
- Istio based single- and multi-mesh scenarios
- Cloud Fusion, a custom K8s cloud controller

Come join us to learn about how to manage cluster and deployment lifecycles across clouds together while supporting overrides, get into the details of KubeFed and replica scheduling, linking service meshes using different network topologies or the gritty details of writing a custom cloud controller to manage cloud resources, CSI drivers and load balancers. Once through technical details, it's showtime. All four options are presented by building hybrid clouds across multiple cloud providers and vmWare/bare metal K8s clusters using a live demo.

Do any of these sound interesting to you?

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We are looking for Go developers who are interested to work with us on the Banzai Cloud stack (see using cutting edge open source technologies. Banzai Cloud is a platform company and we are looking for people with a broad set of technical skills. While Go and Kubernetes experience is desired, it is not a must. We are looking for well-rounded individuals with a passion to learn and relevant experience with clouds and data centers. Come and experience the Banzai Cloud magic!