Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup #2

HUB385 by rent24 - Petračićeva ul. 6 Zagreb - View Map Zagreb
Fri, Oct 25, 2019, 4:30 PM (CEST)

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Date 25 October,[masked]
Place - HUB, limited for 110 people registered first

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0) „Who we are, what we do and what is being built through these meetups“ by Dejan Strbad, Kraken

Duration: 5min

1) Toptal - intro

Co-sponsor of event. Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.
As a network, Toptal has a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. Typically, fewer than 3% of people applying are accepted.

Duration: 5min

2) "What financial services regulators expect when they assess IT?" by Slaven Smojver, HNB

Abstract: The talk will give an overview of principles and concrete actions which companies involved in provision of financial services might want to consider to satisfy regulatory expectations.

Bio: Slaven Smojver is director of the Information Systems Supervision Department in Croatian National Bank where he assesses adequacy of information systems in banks, e-money institutions and payment services providers in Croatia. A long time ago, he worked as banking software developer. He holds BSc in electrical engineering, MSc in IT management, PhD in information sciences and several professional certificates, including CISA and CISM.

Duration: 40min + Q/A

3) "Authentication in Kubernetes" by Luka Matijević and Igor Vuk, Nimium

Abstract: There are several ways to do authentication when it comes to Kubernetes, ranging from full-fledged solutions like Rancher to build-it-yourself sofware like Heptio gangway. We'll provide a short introduction to this complex topic. As an added bonus, we'll talk about using a well-known OIDC provider (Keycloak) in the context of Kubernetes authentication.

Luka is system administrator and developer working at Nimium. Open source enthusiast with affinity for hardware and software.

Igor is a system administrator, working for a small company called Nimium d.o.o. In his free time, he likes to tinker with various hardware and software.

Duration: 35min + Q/A

3) "NodeJS + Mongo + GKE + Travis != secure" by Tomislav Andros, Diverto

Abstract: This presentation will show a sample project made for customer which NodeJS, MongoDB, GKE, Travis, RBQ and some other technologies were used in order to achieve fully automated pipeline. Presentation will try to address some weak spots that might be the source of the vulnerabilities and numerous ways to address them. The applications should ideally serve as a bootstrap to make bigger and more complex applications that will inherently be built as a security first applications

Bio: Tomislav Androš is an Information Security Consultant in Diverto with 10 years of experience in simulating attacks on customers infrastructure and applications as well as techniques for defending them. He has been leading incident response capabilities and is currently responsible for secure development and secure DevOps. His cloud expertise is evolving alongside market demand.

Duration: 35min + Q/A

4) "Understanding k8s resources through load testing: Get to know your workloads" by Tihomir Jovičić, Toptal

Abstract: As would great Tim Hockin say: "Kubernetes is fundamentally about resource management". And without a proper load testing plan and tools you cannot utilize full potential of these resource. In this short talk I'll show you what worked for me using Python, Locust, k8s HPA... and try to get you interested in exploring further.

Bio: Ever since his high school teacher got him into programming he has been working as Android, iOS and Fullstack Developer. But in recent times has fallen in love with distributed systems, Cloud and automating stuff. Most of his time he tries to catch up with all the new trends in the cloud community and spends his free time with his girlfriend and family. Currently works as a Backend Developer at Toptal.

Duration: 15min + Q/A

5) Drinks (networking)


Friday, Oct 25
4:30 PM - 7:30 PM (CEST)


HUB385 by rent24
Petračićeva ul. 6 Zagreb