CKA/CKAD Exam Preparation Tips and Nail the Exam with Confidence

Sat, May 30, 2020, 2:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Foundation Kolkata is back with an awesome and one of the favorite topic which is about Kubernetes Certification. Hear from the Experienced Person - Mr Nischay Goyal

Kubernetes is all around the world now and more companies start using it on a daily basis. After learning how to master the platform, many companies look into getting their engineers certified to verify knowledge of their workforce. Yet taking an examination can be scary, especially as the Kubernetes ones are not “simply” multiple choice. Let’s get rid of that uncertainty what is going to happen and share best practices for taking an exam like the CKA and CKAD with insights into the process.

Nischay Goyal is DevOps Engineer | CKAD | CKA | Co-Organizer of London SRE meetup-

This is online event happening on Google Meet so join us folks.