Kubernetes Kyiv meetup

101 Tower - Lva Tolstoho St, 57 Kyiv - View Map Kyiv
Wed, Dec 18, 2019, 7:00 PM (EET)

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2. Vadym Surzhyk Kubernetes Engineer at Mirantis
Tekton and Argo - Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipelines.
Why do we need them? What is the status of CI/CD's "kubernetization"?
Should you scrap the good old Jenkins?
During the talk we'll evaluate Argo/Tekton's capabilities, pros/cons, integration with other systems.
In the demo part we'll see an example of a k8s-native build-test-deploy cycle implementation.

1. Pavel Dmytrenko (DevOps Engineer at Pango) - Cluster API: bootstrap Kubernetes clusters using Kubernetes
Have you ever created clusters over and over again for different teams? Have you ever wanted to make sure all your clusters are unified?
What about the maintainability of your fleet of clusters?
All of these problems can be solved by ClusterAPI. You will understand what is this, what problems are solved, how it works under the hood and of course - demo!


Wednesday, Dec 18
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (EET)


101 Tower
Lva Tolstoho St, 57 Kyiv


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