K8s Cluster Hygiene & Secure services w/ auth, authorization, & RBAC with gRPC

Lifion by ADP - 135 W 18th St 4th floor New York - View Map Kubernetes and Cloud Native New York
Tue, Sep 17, 2019, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Hello all! Join our here at the Kubernetes and Cloud Native New York meetup where we'll be heading to Lifion's great office venue in Chelsea for some exciting talks. We have two industry experts joining us, Gadi Naor of Alcide.io and Luis Pabon of Portworx.com. We have two industry experts joining us, Gadi Naor of Alcide.io and Luis Pabon of Portworx.com.

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Talk 1: Securing your services with authentication, authorization, and RBAC with gRPC

Speaker: Luis Pabon

Talk Summary: gRPC makes it extremely simple to write complex, business-critical services, in a vast number of programming languages. Its simplicity and adaptability has made it simple for developers to adopt by easily generating code from structures and messages defined as protocol buffers. Writing a secure service based on gRPC, on the other hand, takes a little more effort. In this talk, we will be going through a model of how to secure a gRPC service using JWT based tokens to authenticate user access by relying on interceptors. We will also discuss models of how to provide role-based access control to authorize user access.

Bio: Luis Pabón is the control plane architect at Portworx and also participates in the CNCF, Kubernetes, and CSI storage communities. Prior to joining Portworx in September of 2017, he worked at CoreOS, Red Hat Storage, NetApp Advanced Technology Group, and EMC on various storage products.

Talk 2: Continuous Kubernetes Cluster Hygiene from Your CI+CD Pipeline

Speaker: Gadi Naor

Talk Summary: Kubernetes adoption is growing by the day. As the pace and complexity of Kubernetes deployments are increasing, misconfiguration drifts translate into security risks. In this session, we will talk about the unique challenges of Kubernetes security use cases, such as how to automatically generate ‘good’ profile/baseline for each cluster, and make sure your continuous cluster hygiene level checks are automatically tuned.

Bio: Gadi Naor has 15 years of experience in developing and leading the development of cybersecurity products including at CheckPoint, at which he was Business Development Manager in his last role. Gadi then joined Altor Networks, a pioneer in virtualized data center security, later acquired by Juniper Networks. Prior to Alcide, Gadi co-founded Fitfully, at which he served as CTO. Gadi holds a B.A in Computer Science from the Technion Institute of Technology.

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Tuesday, Sep 17
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)


Lifion by ADP
135 W 18th St 4th floor New York