Q1 Meetup 2019: CNCF update, Kubeadm upgrades, and more!


Feb 26, 2019, 11:00 PM – Feb 27, 2019, 1:00 AM

In-person event

About this event

Welcome back, everyone! We have some really great talks lined up for this year, so we are looking forward to getting together with the community again.

A huge thanks to CDS for making this possible by hosting us. And as always, pizza will be provided :)


Introduction - CNCF Update

Archy, CNCF Ambassador and Cloud Solution Architect, will present all the new updates.

Talk #1 - Handle Upgrades!
Presented by Suvrojeet Ghosh

Suvro recently upgraded his HA (2 node, active passive) cluster from v1.9 to v1.13 via kubeadm in multiple hops! He wants to share his experience with others, as upgrades especially from that old version is very challenging.
The presentation will include the following:
- Problems/Errors faced
- Resources (directing to documents like github: Issues) used for help
- Heads-up for viewers which they should look for when they are upgrading!
- All-in-all Sharing his experience
[15 mins]

Talk #2 - Create all your resources in the cloud with code using Terraform

Presented by Bart Dziekan, Kubernetes Architect and Hashistack expert from DigitalOnUs. Working with clients such as Hulu, Gap and Kroger.

To be able to quickly stand up a HA Vault and Consul cluster on K8s. So that you can store secrets, create certificates, and have service discovery. Architecture walk through, some best practices, explanation and use cases for Vault/Consul.
[30 mins]

Talk #3 - Using K8s to solve K8s persistent workloads problems, DevOps style!

Presented by Philippe Theriault, CRO & OpenEBS Community at MayaData, and Murat Karslioglu, VP Products at MayaData.

"Kubernetes was designed for ephemeral workloads that would allow for cloud-native apps to scale up and down. As K8s is becoming the center of many IT operations, people wanted to use the abstraction of K8s and apply them to persistent workloads as well. That goes against, certain fundamental aspects of k8s, Pets vs. Cattle. How do you keep K8s' agility while dealing with the inertia of storage, monolithic services that provide storage and are an unnatural fit (pet)? CAS (Container Attached Storage) allows you to build a real cloud-native persistent storage layer in Kubernetes for Kubernetes. During this meet-up, we will go over the journey of the openEBS project, discuss how it uses micro-services to provide storage to microservices where the developer is in full control and is our primary persona. We will discuss basic k8s concepts like Persistent Volumes, Persistent Volume Claims, Storage Classes and the operator patterns as well as advances ones like cross-cloud and cross-AZ data and application mobility and DR."


We love community talks! If you have success (or horror!) stories, projects you're working on or personal use-cases... don't be shy! The more we share, the more the community learns. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a talk.



February 26 – 27, 2019
11:00 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


  • Cailyn Edwards


    Security Infrastructure Engineer




  • Chris Carty



  • Raymond Maika


  • Suvro Ghosh


  • Julia Simon