Kubernetes! Austin! Ole! - ITS JUNE YA'LL

Kubernetes Austin

Jun 16, 2021, 11:00 PM – Jun 17, 2021, 1:00 AM

Virtual event

ITS JUNE YA'LL! Come listen to Jason DeTiberus and Duffie Cooley speak about Tinkerbell and KIND

About this event


Group discussion (10 min)

- In person meetups (possibly hybrid, or stay virtual?)

- Volunteers to help co-organize?

- Move off of meetup.com - https://community.cncf.io/kubernetes-austin/


Jason DeTiberus


Jason is a Senior Staff Engineer at Equinix Metal, where he brings cloud-native infrastructure management into the datacenter. Jason lives in Eastern North Carolina and enjoys collecting various hobbies and projects that rarely see completion. He can often be found daydreaming what hobby to start next, watching the Geese fly by, or honking at people on Twitter.


Cluster API With a Bit of PXE Dust: bringing cloud-native declarative management of Kubernetes clusters into the datacenter

Kubernetes allows for managing applications with declarative configuration and the Cluster API project allows for declarative management of Kubernetes Clusters across various cloud providers. What if you could bring that same declarative management for Kubernetes infrastructure into the data center? We are attempting to do just that by leveraging the Tinkerbell project.

Duffie Cooley


Duffie is Field CTO at Isovalent focused on helping enterprises find success with Cilium and modern security tooling. Duffie has been working with all things systems and networking for 20 years and remembers most of it. He likes to present on topics ranging from How do I solve this problem with Kubernetes to What even is a CNI implementation and which one should I choose? A student of perspective, Duffie is always interested in working through problems and design choices from more than one perspective. He grew up in Maui and likes big cats. You can find him everywhere as @mauilion.


Come learn about how to leverage kind.sigs.k8s.io as a platform for acing your CKA CKAD or CKS test!


  • Jason DeTiberus


    Senior Staff Engineer

  • Duffie Cooley


  • Chris Aniszczyk

    Linux Foundation (CNCF)


  • James Angel

    Kubernetes Austin

  • Chad Crowell


    Kubernetes SME

  • Rafael Brito


    Staff Engineer at StormForge

  • Mark Lavi

    Kasten.io by Veeam.com

    Principal, Cloud Native Product Management