Kubernetes Chaos Engineering Meetup May

Kubernetes Chaos Engineering Meetup Group

May 29, 2021, 5:30 – 6:30 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Kubernetes Chaos Engineering community.

We are excited to announce the May meetup where we discuss Kubernetes-Native Chaos Engineering. Inviting SREs and Kubernetes developers from all around the world on the 29th of May at 11:00 AM IST/ 28th of May at 10:30 PM PT.

This is an online-only meetup and here, we would introduce you to the world of Chaos Engineering with LitmusChaos



1. Introduction by Prithvi Raj

2. Target Identification (resource discovery) in Litmus Portal by Amit Das

3. Improving Chaos Engineering Analytics by Ishan Gupta & Ritik Srivastava

4. DNS Chaos by Udit Gaurav


Are you an SRE or a Kubernetes developer? Do you long for a resilient system?

Then what are you waiting for? RSVP now and do join this meetup!

To get your calendar invite, please fill in the google form: https://forms.gle/zTZNCuHFUCdRAasp6

Join using the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82757444939

Check out the LitmusChaos repo here: https://github.com/litmuschaos/litmus

Feel free to ask any questions, join our community for more insights!

To join our slack community please follow the following steps!

Step 1: Join the Kubernetes slack using the following link: https://slack.k8s.io/

Step 2: Join the #litmus channel on the Kubernetes slack or use this link after joining the Kubernetes slack: https://slack.litmuschaos.io/


  • Prithvi Raj


    Community Manager


  • Umasankar Mukkara

    Lead Organizer

  • Prithvi Raj


    Lead Organizer

  • Ajesh Baby