South Bay Kubernetes DevOps Meetup 11 (Aug 2018)

Tek Systems - 226 Airport Parkway, Suite 250 San Jose - View Map Kubernetes CI/CD & DevOps Meetup
Thu, Aug 30, 2018, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Hello South Bay Kubernetes Enthusiasts!

I hope this month has been treating you splendidly! We have some exciting talks lined up this month.

Talk 1

Our first speaker is from AISERA, a stealth mode startup in Palo Alto, CA.

Title: Deploy and manage stateful systems on Kubernetes

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the issues arising from running stateful systems such as Kafka, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch and Redis on Kubernetes along with the best practices to be followed to deploy and manage these services in production. We will also see how the combination of the prometheus agent, the prometheus operator and Grafana might facilitate operations monitoring. For each of these services, I will go over the journey of deploying these apps on k8s, the current choices, their roadmap, and their lifecycle management. This informative session will focus on how to avoid cloud provider lock-in while using open source technology tools and the portability of Kubernetes in a multi-cloud deployment strategy.

Bio: Arunkumar is Head of SRE/DevOps at AISERA, a stealth mode AI/ML startup and a Kubernaut.

You can learn more about Arunkumar here:

Talk 2

The second talk is titled "Kubernetes Pain Killers" by Sidhartha (Sid) Mani

Kubernetes, other than being hard to pronounce, also is hard to debug. Application errors on Kubernetes could stem from the application itself, or could be a configuration issue, or it could be from a failing Kubernetes component. This talk goes over the steps for debugging a Kubernetes application, and introduces new tools for effective debugging.

Sid used to lead the cloud-provider group in the kubernetes community, and also is the original author of one of the core components in it - The cloud-controller-manager. Sid is currently the founder at a Kubernetes based stealth startup called Koki. Learn more here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Thursday, Aug 30
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)


Tek Systems
226 Airport Parkway, Suite 250 San Jose