South Bay Kubernetes DevOps Meetup 13

4701 Patrick Henry Dr - 4701 Patrick Henry Dr Santa Clara - View Map Kubernetes CI/CD & DevOps Meetup
Tue, Oct 29, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Hello South Bay Kubernetes Enthusiasts!

I hope the everyone is well. After a long hiatus, we have some exciting talks lined up for this month's meetup. Here are the details:
📍 6:00pm: Registration / Check-in / Pre-event Networking / Pizza & Drinks
📍 6:20pm: Zero touch fault detection for Kubernetes
📍 6:50pm: Kubernetes in Production: Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

Talk 1: 6:20PM
The first talk is by Larry Lancaster, Founder and CTO, Zebrium, Bio: Larry is founder & CTO of Zebrium. He started Zebrium with the vision that machine learning could be used to automatically detect software problems by structuring and learning patterns in logs and metrics. Before Zebrium, Larry was Chief Data Scientist at Nimble Storage, founding that company's data science team and architecting / implementing their peta-scale platform for automation and analytics. He also started NetApp's Engineering Informatics Group as Senior Engineer, invented Glassbeam's ETL-focused SPL technology as CTO/Co-Founder, and received a leadership award from the International Congress on Neural Networks as graduate student.)

It's really hard to build and maintain a monitoring system for an app that runs in a distributed Kubernetes deployment. At best it will catch issues and symptoms you have designed it to find, but it will take a lot of effort and won't find "unknown" new issues. Learn about and see a demo that uses machine learning on logs to reliably detect software faults without requiring human input.

Talk 2: 6:50 PM

Our second talk is by Hubert Chen (, Infrastructure Manager at Branch. Hubert has spent 20 years in Silicon Valley as system administrator and devops. He has a passion for Kubernetes, developer productivity, and distributed systems.

Kubernetes in Production: Things I Wish I Knew Earlier
The Kubernetes community moves fast, and that makes running production Kubernetes clusters challenging. Branch has been running production clusters for over 2 years and this talk will cover some important decisions to make when designing a production cluster and some considerations around running and managing it.


Tuesday, Oct 29
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (PDT)


4701 Patrick Henry Dr
4701 Patrick Henry Dr Santa Clara