South Bay Kubernetes DevOps Meetup 5

VMware Promontory C - 3405 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto - View Map Kubernetes CI/CD & DevOps Meetup
Tue, Feb 20, 2018, 6:00 PM (PST)

About this event

Hello South Bay Kubernetes Enthusiasts!

I hope all is treating you well. This months meetup we have two speakers scheduled.
Talk 1:
Deploying Container Images on kubernetes with Secure and Audited Registry

Kubernetes is a great Platform for managing Applications using Containers, microservices architecture paves way to building services that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale. However, with this architecture, developers can run into several container to manage. Apart from version control and storage, a container registry is needed to manage access control to repositories, to scan images for vulnerabilities and to automatically replicate images across multiple repositories. In this session we will talk about Project Harbor, an Open Source enterprise-class Container Registry to store Docker Images.


Boskey Savla is Product Marketing Manager @VMware focusing on Cloud Native Applications, she has 15 years of experience in Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Automation and Dev-ops.

Talk 2:
Managing and Running Multiple Kubernetes Clusters in Hybrid Setups

Hosting providers want to run and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters for various customers on different platforms. In this talk, we will give you a breakdown on how we from Loodse build a Google-like container engine for various clouds and also for Openstack. Moreover, we show how we provide high-availability clusters by running Kubernetes on Kubernetes.

Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Loodse. With Loodse, he wants to empower IT teams to focus on their core expertise: write groundbreaking applications and design the digital future. Sebastian is a CNCF Ambassador and has been a contributor to the development of the Open Source projects like ClusterAPI. He is a KubeCon North America and EU speaker and has published several articles on Kubernetes in leading tech media including The New Stack.

Talk 3:
A look at CNCF tools Fluentd and Prometheus Alert Manager with Rancher 2.0

Kubernetes has reached the top of the container orchestration hill. Now that users are moving to the platform, they face challenges in running their workloads and gaining operational insights. To help tackle these challenges, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has curated a selection of open source tools that help users operate containers at scale. In this talk, we will look at using two of those tools — Fluentd and Prometheus Alert Manager — on Kubernetes.

Bill Maxwell - Principal Engineer, Rancher Labs and previously worked at GoDaddy and Qualcomm. He loves automating and watching systems build from scratch to production, hands free.


Tuesday, Feb 20
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PST)


VMware Promontory C
3405 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto