Build Your Own K8s CI + Brigade Extended + The Myth of Cloud Agnosticism

Microsoft - 1801 13th St Boulder - View Map Boulder
Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 6:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

Join us at the Microsoft Boulder office (previously the Deis office) to learn how to "Build Your Own Kubernetes (in 30 minutes or less)" with Matt Butcher from Microsoft Azure and about "The Myth of Cloud Agnosticism" with Corey Quinn from Quinn Advisory Group.


[06:00 - 06:30 PM] Dinner + Drinks

[06:30 - 7:00 PM] Build Your Own Kubernetes CI (in 30 minutes or less) (Matt Butcher, Microsoft Azure)

Brigade is like a scripting language for your Kubernetes cluster. In this session, we’ll use it to build a CI pipeline in Kubernetes , and then use Kashti to visualize what is happening in our pipeline. At the end, we’ll talk about a few other things you can do with Brigade.

BIO: Matt is a principal engineer at Microsoft. He’s written a bunch of books, though his personal favorite is the Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes. He leads the team that created Helm, Draft, Kashti, and Brigade. Matt also happens to be a real live philosopher and a total coffee snob.

[07:00 - 07:30 PM] Brigade Extended - Building Gateways, Writing Secret, and Storage Examples (Luke Philips, Charter Communications)

You've seen Brigade, now let's expand its capabilities. Gateways are the principle event pathway into Brigade. Out of the box you get GitHub and DockerHub gateway. There is a world of possible trigger sources that we all could contribute a gateway for. We will review a couple basic examples, GitLab and BitBucket. We will close with an Object Storage example for persisting typically ephemeral Brigade Job data.

BIO: Luke Philips is a Software A̶r̶c̶h̶i̶t̶e̶c̶t̶ Custodian. Trying to sweep together the best ideas from all sources. Currently working at Charter Communications helping build platforms based on the CNCF/Kubernetes ecosystem.

[07:30 - 7:45] Break

[07:45 - 08:15 PM] The Myth of Cloud Agnosticism (Corey Quinn, Quinn Advisory Group)

Cloud Agnosticism sounds great:
Kubernetes gets you further down the road of being able to abstract away which public cloud vendor you choose. Except it somehow never quite works out that way.

The True Cost:
Data gravity means that where your data lives is invariably where the rest of your infrastructure is based. Every environment I've had the privilege of working with that had attained provider agnosticism did so at tremendous cost.

Focus on your Needs:
If your infrastructure design principles mandate being able to deploy workloads to multiple providers, you're limited to the common features between those providers. What you're giving up is the differentiated services that the providers are racing to deploy.

What does this mean for the Future?
The growing suites of serverless technologies are still highly tied to the cloud provider that built them. The events that invoke functions, how
those functions are written, the constraints around them are all different. Machine learning tooling that rides on top of your data lakes needs to be close to that data.

BIO: Currently a Cloud Economist at the Quinn Advisory Group, and an advisor to ReactiveOps, Corey has a history as an engineering director, public speaker, and cloud architect. He specializes in helping companies address horrifying AWS bills, and curates, a weekly newsletter summarizing the latest in AWS news, blogs, and tips, sprinkled with snark. Outside of his professional work, Corey is known for overdressing, telling entertaining stories, and carrying a cigarette case full of tiny umbrellas.

[08:15 - 08:30 PM] Stick around, socialize, and network.


Thursday, Apr 19
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (MDT)


1801 13th St Boulder