Inaugural Kubernetes Colorado Meetup

Deis - 1801 13th St. Suite 308 Boulder - View Map Boulder
Thu, Jan 21, 2016, 6:00 PM (MST)

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[6:00pm] - Dinner and drinks (Illegal Pete's Taco Bar and Drinks)

[6:30] - The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes (Matt Butcher: Deis Platform Architect)

Follow the adventures of Phippy the Giraffe, Captain Kube, and Goldie the Gopher  as they discover Kubernetes pods, replication controllers, services, and volumes. Get silly and serious at the same time with this lighthearted introduction to core Kubernetes concepts.

[7:00] - Q & A with Matt Butcher

[7:15] - Demo: Kubernetes Basics (Matt Boersma: Deis Chief Maintainer)

Enough with the adorable metaphors: let's see some k8s nuts and bolts. We will provision a Kubernetes cluster, poke it with a sharp stick, and then install Deis v2 alpha as an example of a full, distributed Kubernetes application.

[7:45] - General Q & A

[8:00] - Stick around, socialize, network



Matt Butcher is the Deis Platform Architect. He has worked on numerous cloud and IoT technologies at places like Nest, HP, and About.Com. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and teaches in the Computer Science department of Loyola University Chicago. Matt is the author of dozens of articles and eight technical books, the latest of which is Go in Practice (Manning). Matt loves a good cup of coffee and enjoys mountain biking. You can find Matt on twitter at @technosophos, and read his blog at

Matt Boersma is the Deis Chief Maintainer. He created numerous internet tools and a full-featured web client before Netscape was a thing. After a sojourn writing code for chemists and genomics researchers, he returned to his old homein the new cloud and helped birth Deis, the open source Platform-as-a-Service. Matt is a TDD Python and Go hacker who finds social media annoying. In his free time, he plays banjo, drums, and flugelhorn to his cats and dogs.


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Thursday, Jan 21
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MST)


1801 13th St. Suite 308 Boulder