K8s: Touchstone of Cloud Native+Traffic Splitting/Distributed Tracing w/ Linkerd

Google Boulder - Building 2930 (New Campus) - 2930 Pearl Street Boulder - View Map Boulder
Wed, Jan 8, 2020, 6:30 PM (MST)

About this event

Please join us for our next meet-up in January! We'll have 2 presentations – "Kubernetes: The Touchstone of 'Cloud Native Everywhere' for the modern Enterprise" with Chris Merz & Sebastian Gryczan from NetApp + "Traffic Splitting and Distributed Tracing with Linkerd" with Charles Pretzer from Buoyant.



[06:30 - 07:00 PM] Dinner/Drinks (provided by Aspen Mesh) + Beer (CNCF)

[07:00 - 07:40 PM] Kubernetes: The Touchstone of "Cloud Native Everywhere" for the modern Enterprise" with Chris Merz & Sebastian Gryczan (NetApp)

Kubernetes is one of the great pivotal technologies of our generation, and we're seeing rapid and voracious adoption across every market vertical. At NetApp, K8s is at the heart of both our internal engineering transformation strategy, as well as our current and future product architecture implementations.
Join us as we discuss the myriad ways in which Kubernetes is influencing our day-to-day operations and product direction, including a demo of the NetApp Kubernetes Service, a platform-agnostic abstraction layer for upstream K8s deployment and lifecycle management.

BIO: Currently serving as Principal Technologist, providing market strategy consulting and tech expertise across the NetApp product and cloud services portfolio, specifically in the areas of Hybrid Multicloud, DevOps, and Cloud Native technologies. Previously led and directed the Solutions and Tech Marketing teams for NetApp's HCI and SolidFire product lines.

[07:40 - 08:25 PM] Traffic Splitting and Distributed Tracing with Linkerd with Charles Pretzer (Buoyant)

Have you ever wondered how to split traffic and get distributed tracing information with minimal latency? If you're using a service mesh link Linkerd, you can use open source, CNCF projects to quickly implement both with low maintenance overhead. In this talk, Charles Pretzer, a Linkerd maintainer will show you how to add traffic splitting and distributed tracing on top of a service mesh. With the ability to split traffic, you can implement canary and blue/green deployments for your services. Distributed tracing will give you granular detail into the network latency added by each service in your application.

BIO: Charles Pretzer is a field engineer at Buoyant, where he spends his time collaborating and engaging with the open source community of the CNCF service mesh, Linkerd. He also enables production adoption by helping companies integrate Linkerd into their Kubernetes based applications. Charles has spoken at meetups and conferences hosted by ABN Amro, Macnica, and NGINX Conf. When he's not presenting or in front of a computer, he's riding a motorcycle or making a delicious mess in the kitchen.

[08:25 - 08:45 PM] Stick around, socialize & network!


Wednesday, Jan 8
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (MST)


Google Boulder - Building 2930 (New Campus)
2930 Pearl Street Boulder