Kubernetes Meetup v10 - Helm & LINSTOR


Feb 12, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Kubernetes Meetup v10 - HA & high performance block storage with LINSTOR, Helm – The Better Way to Deploy on Kubernetes

Dear all,
We are excited to invite you to our 10th meeting.

The timeline for this event is:

18:00 - Arrival

18:15 - Opening
18:20 - HA & high performance block storage with LINSTOR, Robert Altnöder @linbit
LINSTOR is an open source storage cluster management software developed by LINBIT since 2016. It handles various types of storage layers, such as LVM, ZFS and NVMe over fabrics as backend storage pools, encryption, deduplication and replication based on DRBD on top of the backend storage.
The presentation gives an overview of the features of the software components of a software defined storage cluster based on LINSTOR, as well as an overview of the supported features and future roadmap.

19:00 - Food & Drinks

19:30 - Helm – The Better Way to Deploy on Kubernetes, Reinhard Nägele @codecentric AG and contributor to the Helm project.
Helm is the official package manager for Kubernetes. This session introduces Helm and illustrates its advantages over kubectl and plain Kubernetes manifests. We will learn about its architecture and features, such as lifecycle management, parameterizability using Go templating, chart dependencies, etc. Demos will explain how all the bits and pieces work together. The session will also highlight changes in Helm 3.

As always,

Any [suggestions or feedback][1]? Let us know!

Your hosts,
Oz, Alex, Johannes

[1]: https://github.com/k8s-nue-meetup/talks



Wednesday, February 12, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Oz Tiram

    Software Engineer at Spectro Cloud

  • Johannes Meyer

    Financial Services