Kubernetes Nürnberg v7 (This time: GraalVM + OSV on K8s; DroneCI Deep Dive)


Sep 11, 2019, 4:15 – 6:15 PM

In-person event

About this event

Dear all,

welcome to the7th Kubernetes Nuremberg Meetup!
After the summer break it goes on full throttle!


18:00 - Arrival

18:15 - Opening

18:20 - Building and deployment of JVM applications with GraalVM and OSV on K8s -- by Andreas Fink (Senior Software Engineer @ noris network):
This talk will focus on the difference of running JVM applications inside Containers vs VMs with OSV and Kubernetes.

19:00 - Food & Drinks

19:30 - Drone CI Deep Dive (tentative) -- by Thomas Boerger (Senior DevOps Engineer @ ownCloud):
Thomas will talk about the install options for Drone CI, its multiple runners and how to use them to create powerful CI/CD pipelines, including the most recent Kubernetes custom runners.

Thomas's talk is tentative as he might not make it on Wednesday, in which case we will push the talk to the next meetup. If that's the case we'll have a discussion round regarding our plans for a special event in the future: "Cloud Native & Management". More details soon :)

--- OR ---

"Hey everyone! We, the meetup organizers, are currently thinking about hosting a special event in the near future: "Cloud Native for Management". Why? Because we have realized that the philosophy of the Cloud Native movement is often not well understood in the management layers and we hope that a special CNCF Meetup specifically for members of middle management and upwards could change that. No deep dives or technical tutorials, just the basic ideas and approaches towards the Cloud Native ecosystem.
For that we would like to have a discussion with you in order to gather ideas and feedback: what is your experience with Cloud Native and (your) management? What do you wish management would finally realize in this regard? How can (s)he make your life at work easier, with adopting ideas and practices from the Cloud Native world? Those are just some question we would like to talk about with you in this free-form style of session. Timeframe 15-30 min."

As always,

Any suggestions or feedback? Let us know!




Wednesday, September 11, 2019
4:15 PM – 6:15 PM UTC


  • Oz Tiram

    Software Engineer at Spectro Cloud

  • Johannes Meyer

    Financial Services