Monitoring microservices, kubernetes and dynamic applications

Mikamai - Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 Milano - View Map Kubernetes Milano
Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event


We are happy to announce the next Kubernetes meetup will be June 22, 2017 at Mikamai in Milan. 

This should be an addictive one. We are super excited about microservices, kubernetes and of course Instana. See you there! 

N.B. The talk sessions will be done in italian. 


[masked]: Andrei Petrov - Containers are sexy. Anyone know about them and maybe have launched one sometime trough Docker CLI or other container tools. Microservices present a powerful architectural approach enforcing decoupling, cohesiveness and composition. Combining the two together results in a technological rainbow. The applications designed following this architectural approach in combination with containers benefit in agility, flexibility and cloudaware philosophy. How containers and microservices are changing the way applications are built is the mainline of this talk. 

[masked]: Jacopo Nardiello - Breaking the monolith, embracing Agile, splitting your project into micro-services and moving toward a cloud native architecture are all huge challenges that a business will face while moving forward and expanding on the market. They do not pose only an engineering challenge but also require a philosophical and managerial shift within your organization. I'm going to talk about how cloud native and devops technologies/processes are going to be key and give you a few hint helping during your journey.

19.30 - 20:00: Enrico Bruschini, Instana - They probably forgot to tell you: once you have your monolith cut into microservices, you need to run them in production. While you had just one application to run before that, now you have hundreds of them. While you didn’t have too many dependencies before, now you have thousands of them. And everything is moving around, crashing, restarting all the time - at much higher scale than actually expected. This is hell on earth for operations. This talk will cover how the monitoring and performance management needs have changed with microservices and containers and what does it really take to monitor them.



Thursday, Jun 22
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CEST)


Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 Milano