Dock8s Meetup #3


Jun 6, 2018, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

It's time for our next meetup.

## Speakers & Sponsors invitation

Please get in touch (email, slack, message) if you could imagine yourself:
- in sharing something
- in sponsoring the location and/or beer & pizza
Thank you in advance!

## Agenda

19:00 - Talk #1: Cloud Native Microservices | Timo Derstappen
19:45 - Q &A
20:10 - Talk #2: Using BPF in Kubernetes | Alban Crequy
21:00 - Q & A

## Abstracts

### Talk 1:
Microservice Architectures are around since a while now. There have already been a few generations of tooling and patterns that helped to run and manage them. Timo will show us how a current cloud-native stack looks like and which tools should be on your radar. The talk will cover both operational and architectural topics. As the name cloud-native suggests most of the projects explained in the talk are either already hosted within the cloud-native computing foundation (CNCF) or within the incubation process. Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, Opentracing and GRPC are just a few examples.

### Talk 2:
Alban will present different use cases for BPF in a Kubernetes cluster. BPF is a Linux in-kernel virtual machine and there are different kinds of BPF programs for different subsystems that will be considered: monitoring, security analysis, and networking. I’ll follow with concrete examples, such as Weave Scope’s HTTP Statistics plugin. Finally, I’ll explain how to develop your own BPF programs in Kubernetes with the libraries bcc and gobpf, and show ways to test those with SemaphoreCI and rkt.

## Speakers

### Timo Derstappen, CTO and co-founder at Giant Swarm

Timo Derstappen is CTO and co-founder of Giant Swarm. He has many years of experience in building scalable and automated cloud architectures.

### Alban Crequy, CTO and co-founder at Kinvolk

Alban previously gave talks at several conferences including FOSDEM, Linux Plumbers, IO Visor Summit, Kubecons and LinuxCons.

Originally from France, Alban currently lives in Berlin where he is a CTO & co-founder at Kinvolk. He is a contributor to rkt, a container runtime for Linux, Weave Scope, a container visualization & monitoring tool, and is actively working on BPF-related projects. Before falling into containers, Alban worked on various projects core to modern Linux; kernel IPC and storage, dbus performance and security, etc. His current technical interests revolve around networking, security, systemd and containers at the lower-levels of the system.



Wednesday, June 6, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Vasu Chandrasekhara

    SAP SE

    VP Cloud Native Strategy

  • Adel Zaalouk

    Red Hat

    Product Management at RedHat