Docker & Kubernetes Meetup Sept 2018


Sep 19, 2018, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

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## Agenda
19:00 - Talk #1: Persistence in kubernetes | Lars Kumbier, IT-Consultant
20:10 - Talk #2: Creating Kubernetes multi clusters with ClusterAPI | Tobias Schneck, Loodse GmbH

## Abstracts

### Talk 1: Persistence in kubernetes | Lars Kumbier, IT-Consultant

The question of data persistence has not been on the kubernetes agenda for a long time. Looking at the market, especially free and open-source solutions are sparse. Lars will give an overview on the available free options, discusses writing a custom storage solution via flex volumes and will give an overview on the new cross-product [Container Storage Interface (CSI)]( standard, which has gained beta-status in [Kubernetes 1.10](

### Talk 2: Creating Kubernetes multi clusters with ClusterAPI | Tobias Schneck, Loodse GmbH

Thanks to tools like kubeadm, Terraform or Ansible setting up a Kubernetes cluster on a dedicated environment is getting reachable, but what’s about setting up a bunch of cluster in multiple clouds in automatic way? This is still a challenge. Also if you want to do same in your own datacenter. In this talk we will take a look to the approach to orchestrate and manage a whole set of k8s cluster by the Cluster API project of kubernetes (a subproject of sig-cluster-lifecycle). The main idea behind it is to use the Kubernetes API itself to manage multiple clusters with there master and worker nodes in same way you would manage your PODs - define the needed resources and the responsible controller will take care for providing it.

After an overview about the concepts of cluster API, I will show what’s needed to implement a cluster API conform machine class/deployment. There I will see that adding your own provider isn’t that hard as you may aspect. At the end of the day it just requires a simple interface to implement. The corresponding kubermatic controllers we implemented at Loodse are available as open source, so its possible to play around with it. A live demo will show how easy it is to spin up and maintain multiple Kubernetes cluster at different public and on-premise cloud providers over one managing cluster. A final wrap up will summarize the current state of the Cluster API project and the advantages of managing clusters as cattles instead of pets.

## Speakers

### Lars Kumbier, IT-Consultant

Lars is the founder of his company, [Kumbier IT Consulting]( With his employees, he helps companies with their cloud-journey among other topics and builds custom solutions, if not shoe fits for a specific problem.

### Tobias Schneck, Loodse GmbH



Wednesday, September 19, 2018
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • Vasu Chandrasekhara

    SAP SE

    VP Cloud Native Strategy

  • Adel Zaalouk

    Red Hat

    Product Management at RedHat

  • Pavel Nikolaev Pavlov

    SAP SE

    Freelance Software Engineer