Kubernetes Operators and the Promise of Platform-as-Code by Devdatta Kulkarni

Cloud Native San Antonio

Apr 11, 2019, 11:30 PM – Apr 12, 2019, 1:00 AM

In-person event

About this event

Join us for an awesome April Kubernetes San Antonio Meetup featuring Devdatta Kulkarni, Founder of CloudArk!

CloudArk has been doing some incredible work in the Kubernetes space, making Operators enterprise ready! The talk will present the Platform-as-Code approach and discuss their lessons around Kubernetes Operators in relation to this approach.

One of the key reasons for Kubernetes popularity is its extendibility. Kubernetes ‘Operator’ is a popular pattern that leverages this extendibility and enables third party software to be managed as native Kubernetes resources. Today one can find an Operator for almost every kind of stateful service/application to run on Kubernetes - MySQL, Postgres, Spark, ElasticSearch, Wordpress, Moodle, Backup/Restore, SSL Certificate Management, etc. Several questions arise though when using multiple Operators together to build a platform stack - How to discover capabilities of each Operator? Will different Operators/Custom Resources interoperate correctly? If not, what is required for their interoperability? How to get consistent experience across multiple Operators? We have developed a novel approach to address these unique challenges around building platforms assembled from multiple Kubernetes Operators. We term this approach as - ‘Platform-as-Code’ (https://cloudark.io/platform-as-code). Platform-as-Code is the process of aggregating multiple Kubernetes Operators for the purpose of creating and managing platforms declaratively using native Kubernetes interfaces. The talk will present the Platform-as-Code approach and discuss our learnings around Kubernetes Operators in relation to this approach. We will also demo a platformization use-case using our open source KubePlus Platform Toolkit (https://github.com/cloud-ark/kubeplus).

About the Speaker:
Devdatta (Dev) Kulkarni is founder of CloudARK (https://cloudark.io/). Before starting CloudARK Devdatta worked at Rackspace for close to seven years. He has been an active open source contributor (OpenStack and Kubernetes). He has been PTL for OpenStack PaaS project
(Solum) for multiple OpenStack releases. Currently, he also teaches courses on Cloud Computing and Modern Web Applications in the Computer Science department at UT Austin. Devdatta has earned PhD in Computer Science (Distributed Systems) from the University of
Minnesota Minneapolis. He has published research papers in Usenix Workshops (HotCloud, Theory and Practice of Provenance), ACM Conferences and Journals, IEEE Conferences and Journals, and has given talks at OpenStack summits.



April 11 – 12, 2019
11:30 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


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