Cloud Native Meetup Romandie — 07.10.2021

Thu, Oct 7, 2021, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome to this Cloud Native Romandie Meetup!

The purpose of this meetup is to exchange regularly on progresses in the Cloud Native technologies field.


We will have 3 presentations of 30 min each, followed by 10 min of Q&A.

This event will be VIRTUAL, which gives us the opportunity to have 3 special guests: Thomas Graf (Isovalent), Adrian Kosmaczenski (VSHN) and Philipp Strube (Kubestack).

Place :

Comfortable in front of your computer!

Agenda of October 7th 2021:

- 17h00: Welcome

 -17h10: Intro / Agenda

 -17h15: Cilium

 -17h45: Project Syn

 -18h15: Break

 -18h20: Kubestack

 -18h50: Q&A

 -19h00: End


Cilium - Thomas Graf (Isovalent)

Open source project providing networking, security, and

observability for cloud native environments such as K8s clusters and other container orchestration platforms

Project Syn - Adrian Kosmaczenski (VSHN)

Set of 100% open source tools helping to securely manage a fleet of K8s clusters bringing a hierarchical configuration management based on GitOps principles, reusable components and an inventory of information about all K8s clusters.

Kubestack - Philipp Strube (Kubestack)

Framework for teams building their K8s platform using Terraform with a focus on developer experience

Details of the connection will be sent on the day of the meetup to join the live stream as well as the conversation.

See you there!