Cloud Native Linz - April 23 - Secure K8s Deployment and API Management in Azure


Apr 23, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

We are excited to host the April/2024 edition of the Cloud Native Linz meetup!
We'd like to thank Public Cloud Group for hosting the Meetup!

--------- The Speakers ---------

Andreas Wimmersberger 

Andreas is working as a Senior Cloud Architect focusing on Cloud Security, Identity and Compliance.

Marcel Tober

Marcel is working as an Azure Cloud Consultant focusing on DevOps and cloud architecture.


Tobias Berei

Tobias Berei works as a Software Architect at softaware gmbh. Specializing in .NET and Azure, he focuses on delivering optimal cloud-based solutions in complex system landscapes. Beyond his role, he serves as a part-time lecturer for software engineering, sharing practical insights and fostering the next wave of developers. Tobias has a double-degree in Software Engineering and Computer Science, holds multiple Azure certifications and has made scientific contributions in the field of Answer Set Programming. He likes motorcycles, good coffee and Azure.

--------- The Talks ---------

Andreas Wimmersberger  & Marcel Tober - How to securely deploy Kubernetes on Azure

We’ll demonstrate how to securely deploy and configure an AKS Cluster on Azure. 

To accomplish this we will use Azure RBAC, Workload Identities, Policies and Defender for Containers.


Tobias Berei - Transforming diverse system landscapes into sustainable API products with Azure API Management

Well-designed, secure and fast APIs are the backbone of many successful digital products. While APIs need to fulfill specific product-related needs, developers must think of security, monitoring, versioning and many further topics for creating a long-lasting robust API. Especially when dealing with a heterogenous system landscape, the integration of different sources into a unified clean API is a key factor for enabling faster adoption by app developers while making full use of existing data.

Discover how Azure API Management revolutionizes API integration and development, being a hybrid, multicloud management platform for APIs across all environments. Learn the secrets of analytics-driven decisions, as Azure API Management delivers insightful usage metrics, error diagnostics, and latency analysis while also providing the necessary tools for versioning and lifecycle management. With just a few steps developers can easily abstract backend diversity while securely exposing services hosted inside and outside of Azure. Let’s explore how Azure API Management can help you providing a centralized platform for managing manifold aspects of your APIs.

--------- Location ---------

Tabakfabrik Linz

10 Peter-Behrens-Platz


Room: Startrampe

Linz, 4020

Map to the location


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  • Andreas Wimmersberger

    Public Cloud Group

    Senior Cloud Architect

  • Marcel Tober

    Public Cloud Group

    Azure Cloud Consultant

  • Tobias Berei

    softaware gmbh

    Software Architect


Doors open
Andreas Wimmersberger & Marcel Tober
Tobias Berei
Closing remarks / Networking


  • Juliano Costa


    Developer Advocate / CNCF Ambassador

  • Jürgen Etzlstorfer


    Application Innovation Specialist for Azure


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