Cloud Native Linz - March 26 - Kubernetes Journey and a Multi-Layer Kubernetes Security System


Mar 26, 4:30 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

We are excited to host the March/2024 edition of the Cloud Native Linz meetup!
We'd like to thank Runtastic for hosting the Meetup!

--------- The Speakers ---------

Alexander Lackner

As an Infrastructure Engineer/System Engineer, Alex boasts over a decade of experience, primarily focusing on Open Source and Cloud Computing.

In 2020, he took a new role at adidas Runtastic, where he's been actively involved in automation and cloud-migration projects, pushing the envelope to drive progress in these areas.

In his downtime, he finds joy in hiking, running, and exploring the latest tech gadgets.

Armin Deliomini

Armin is an open source fanatic, who spent the last 10y+ growing with the infrastructure of Adidas / Runtastic.

When not working, he spends his time with his family or on his self hosting and home automation projects. 


Daniel Drack

Hi, I’m Daniel! :D

I’m an IT guy from Austria who’s quite into sports, food, drinks and spending time with friends whenever possible.

My job is to build and design elegant and functional IT systems and their environments.

I started my IT carreer as an administrator for ETL and BI tools.

After that I worked some time in a data warehousing team before diving into all topics devops and cloud native.

In my current role I’m a Senior DevOps and cloud-native consultant with FullStackS GmbH.

I hold a BSc in Industrial Engineering, a MA in Innovation Management and a professional MBA in IT Management.

Currently I live in Graz with my girlfriend and our tomcat Manfred.

After work I enjoy to organize the Graz local CNCF community chapter, KCD Austria and engage in all things community and mentoring others.

I’m skilled in some areas and I’ve learned and studied quite some stuff as well.

My current buzzwords are: k8s devops agile architecture automation integration

--------- The Talks ---------

Alexander Lackner &  Armin Deliomini - A Tale of Roses and Containers: Our Kubernetes Journey

How do you go from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud native based approach with Kubernetes?

What were our ambitions to switch from OpenShift to native Kubernetes?

And how does all of this have anything to do with roses?

Find out in our talk about how we took our infrastructure to the next level.


Daniel Drack - Implementing a Multi-Layer Kubernetes Security System with SUSE NeuVector

In the dynamic landscape of container orchestration, securing Kubernetes environments is paramount. This talk delves into the intricate security layers that are essential for safeguarding Kubernetes clusters and how SUSE NeuVector can significantly bolster these defenses. Through a practical demonstration, we will explore the notorious Log4Shell vulnerability, unveiling its potential impacts on Kubernetes deployments. The session will highlight how SUSE NeuVector, with its comprehensive security features, could have effectively mitigated this threat, providing real-time protection against such vulnerabilities. Attendees will gain insights into implementing a robust security posture within their Kubernetes environments, leveraging NeuVector's capabilities to detect, prevent, and respond to threats across multiple layers. Join us to learn how to enhance your Kubernetes security strategy and ensure a fortified, resilient infrastructure.

--------- Location ---------

Adidas Runtastic

Plus City



Map to the event


If you would like to keep the discussion live after the event, join us on Discord:


  • Alexander Lackner

    Adidas Runtastic

    Infrastructure Engineer

  • Armin Deliomini

    Adidas Runtastic

    Head Of Infrastructure

  • Daniel Drack

    FullStackS GmbH

    Senior DevOps Engineer



Tuesday, March 26, 2024
4:30 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


Doors open
Alexander Lackner & Armin Deliomini
Daniel Drack
Closing remarks / Networking


  • Juliano Costa


    Developer Advocate / CNCF Ambassador

  • Jürgen Etzlstorfer


    Application Innovation Specialist for Azure


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