Improve the Developer Experience on Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu Application Platform


Nov 23, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Virtual event

About this event

VMware Tanzu Application Platform provides a rich set of developer tooling along with a pre-paved path to production that enable enterprises to develop revenue-generating applications faster by reducing developer tooling complexity.

A key value proposition of the VMware Tanzu Application Platform is to bring curated opinions to an underlying Kubernetes platform whilst shepherding quick outcomes. However, one of the brilliant realizations of the VMware Tanzu Application Platform is that it’s aware that not every opinion will work for all scenarios and gives implementors a high degree of flexibility and extensibility for customizing the VMware Tanzu Application Platform deployments for their own needs. Supply chains and runtimes are no exception to this rule as they can be customized to give the VMware Tanzu Application Platform the ability to build, deploy, and run services.


During this session, Dieter Hubau will show

- What's the VMware Tanzu Application Platform

- Discover its main features

- Demo from the point of view of Dev

- Demo from the point of view of Sec and Ops


Dieter Hubau is a Lead Solution Engineer at VMware Tanzu and acts as the trusted advisor for customers that are in their Digital Transformation journey. He has previously worked as a consultant, doing Java/Web development, Platform Operations, Architecture, Team Lead in various projects and programs. The last few years, he started to focus more on the bigger picture, thinking about methodologies, tools, and platforms and how to enable companies to deliver better software at a sustainable pace. He still plays soccer with a bad knee, runs around with his dogs, and plays video games. Space geek and movie buff.


  • Stéphane Este-Gracias

    CNCF Ambassador

    Cloud Native Innovation Leadership