Cost-effective baremetal infra with CoreOS & performance debugging

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Wed, Apr 4, 2018, 7:30 PM (CEST)

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Hi folks!

Next April 4th two events will be taking place: it's my birthday! 🎂But more important, we have a new mad Scalability event 🙌🏽

This time Rafa Porres (, Lead of Infrastructure at source{d} ( will talk about baremetal infra:

> CoreOS Container Linux baremetal provisioning with Terraform, Ignition and Matchbox
Building your infrastructure in baremetal servers is a very interesting and cost-effective option, especially in these container period where we can leverage the power of orchestrators like kubernetes. Baremetal is of course less flexible and it comes with tasks long forgotten in our cloud-based days: booting management and configuration. CoreOS is a good and popular choice as a base OS for a container-based system. It is also interesting due to the tools it has to make booting and OS configuration a much simpler task. In this talk I'm going to describe two of them: Matchbox and Ignition and how we can integrate them in our Terraform infrastructure description using specific providers for it. This is part of a general approach towards immutable infrastructure provisioning.

Later, Alejandro Brito Monedero (, System Administrator at Alea Soluciones ( will talk about performance debugging in real life (ES talk):

> Mis primeros pasos subiendo escaleras
Guia para padres de que hacer en los momentos cruciales cuando la aplicación web de un cliente es más lento que cargar una web con flash desde Africa con un fax modem.

Thanks to source{d} for hosting us and satisfy our hunger and thirst and thanks to Autentia ( because they are recording the event again 👏🏽

PS: sorry for taking that much time to organize the event but I was trying to do it while I was visiting Madrid but it was not possible.

"See you" soon!


Wednesday, Apr 4
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CEST)


C/Claudio Coello, 16, 2ºIzqda Madrid