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Wed, May 24, 2017, 7:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hi again!

We have prepared another meetup for you, let's see what you think :)

For this meetup Jorge Salamero will explain to us how to monitor Docker properly, Jose Armesto will present his baby, a.k.a Wimpy & we will also have time for some lighting talks in case you are interested, just let us know in the question when you sign up or ping me on twitter.

Are you properly monitoring Docker? by Jorge Salamero
It has been discussed for long, but sometimes wrongly, about how you should monitor microservices and containers in production. I hope to clarify with this talk what's the best way to control the availability and performance of the running applications over container based platforms.

The talk will be based in our experience developing the only native tool for monitor of containers and in all the information we acquired while working with more than 200 clients from the public sector and/or Fortune 500 running Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift or DCOS Mesos in production.

AWS has made it easy for companies to embrace the benefits of the cloud. In a world of microservices, having to configure things like auto scaling policies, logging or monitoring for every different service can become a real problem.

Deployments on AWS with Wimpy by Jose Armesto
Wimpy tries to solve this problem by automating the whole process of application delivery, since the preparation of the environment, to application packaging, and application deployment.

Some of its key features are:

- Simple yaml file for configuration.
- It enforces AWS best practices automatically.
- Uses Docker for application packaging and execution.
- Composed by different parts that you can disable.

I would like to thank Cabify for providing us with a pretty cool office to do the meetup, food & drinks. You rock!

Also, thanks to Autentia for recording the videos this time!

Last time we hired a babysitter in case you wanted to bring your kids, this time we will try to do it again, but please let me know if it's going to be the case that you need it ASAP so we have time to react.

Remember that we have a CoC. Be nice to each other and see you the 24th!


Wednesday, May 24
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM (CEST)


Cabify Spain
Calle de Pradillo, 42, 28002 Madrid, Spain Madrid