Selling tickets & graphing things. Round #2!

CartoDB - Gran Vía, 46 (Palacio de la prensa) Madrid - View Map madScalability
Tue, Mar 22, 2016, 7:30 PM (CET)

About this event

Buenas a todos!

Seré breve, hay dos charlas fantásticas preparadas para Marzo. Ticketea y GrapheneDB nos hablarán de los problemas que tuvieron y cómo los solucionaron para llegar a dónde están. 

Ticketea: scaling a highly transactional bussiness (by Ticketea team)
Ticketea faces a hard scaling problem, selling thousands of tickets in seconds. This becomes a high write load where clients concurrently fight for the same limited stock of tickets, while having available up to date consistent information. During the last years we've learnt a lot from scaling ticketea, we would like to tell you about the problems we've fought and some of the solutions we've found to cope with this demanding traffic spikes.

GrapheneDB (by Francisco Fernández)
GrapheneDB is a DaaS (database as a service) that hosts Neo4j databases. In this talk we will explore how we manage our service to achieve high reliability and performance.  We use a wide variety of tools, from Rust to Akka, always using the one that fits better with our problems and use cases.We are faced with many challenges related to scale both technically and as an organization. 

IMPORTANTE! Notas para llegar a la oficina
Entrar por los ascensores que están al lado del portero, situado dentro del edificio, al fondo a la izquierda, al lado del cine. Dentrodel portal hay dos ascensores. Uno justo después del portero a laderecha y otro justo a la izquierda bajando cinco escaleras.

Quiero aprovechar para dar las gracias a CartoDB por hostearnos y saciar nuestra sed, así como a Jobandtalent por saciar nuestro hambre. Muchísimas gracias :)

Nos vemos en un mes!


Tuesday, Mar 22
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM (CET)


Gran Vía, 46 (Palacio de la prensa) Madrid