Installing Kubernetes in 15 Min or Less


Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 8:00 – 11:00 AM UTC

In-person event

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Hi All,

Excited that we're going to have our second meetup shortly. James will be talking to us about how to spin up Kubernetes quickly; which will be useful to beginners and experts who want and environment to hack on, alike. We're setting up the venue so you can follow along with your laptop if you like, see pre-requisites below.

Talk 1

Title: Installing Kubernetes on Digital Ocean in 15 min or less
Speaker: James Buckett

Abstract: This talk/presentation will cover installing Kubernetes v1.2.4 on CoreOS on Digital Ocean. We will discuss and share the manifest files for building this Kubernetes cluster. The intent will be for the audience to follow these steps to build the same environment on their own.A sample nginx application will be installed and scaled.If you wish to deploy a sandpit environment for learning or testing Kubernetes, this talk will be of interest for you.

Requirements in advance if you want to follow along:

1. Internet Access
2. Digital Ocean Account 
3. SSH Key uploaded to Digital Ocean
4. Laptop (with Putty if using Windows) 
5. Download the manifest files ahead of time from
6. Have an editor handy to edit those files

For the folks who don't have Digital Ocean accounts here is a referral code for $10 credit :
Talk 2

Title: Converting the masses; notes on creating a smooth transition to Kubernetes
Speak: Edward Savage

Abstract: This talk will review the path we've taken to generate local engineering interest and excitement around our upcoming availability of production Kubernetes clusters.  Covering SIGs, working bees, installfests, hackathons, and production dry runs; I'll dive into the session formats we chose, what went well, what bombed, and how we plan to iterate the process in future. 





Tuesday, June 28, 2016
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM UTC

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